QUICK Infant Triaminic Thin Strips

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Cassie06 - February 26

DS is almost 7 months old and has a cold. He has a cough and stuffy nose, and the only thing I could find is the infant triaminic thin strips. He is 14 lbs and almost 7 months old as I said. I am not sure if I should give him 1/2 a strip or a whole strip. Anyone have any experience with these?


SonyaM - February 26

I have no idea but I really think all of the "cold" medicines don't do much good. Here's what we do. Lots of fluids, humidifier in the room, a sudafed vapor plug in in the wall, saline nose drops and suctioning as needed. I think these things are more effective than the cold meds and alot cheaper. Also if he's congested go to the smallest bathroom in your house and run a HOT STEAMY shower. SIt with him in the bathroom with the door closed so the steam can clear him out. I hope this helps.


Mellissa - February 27

I took Diesel to the dr when he was almost 6 months with the same symptoms your son has, and my pediatrician told me he will not prescribe cold medicine to any child under 2 because the amount you would need for it to actually work could be harmful to babies. that's why even on the "infant" thin strips it says "under 2 consult a dr". my dr suggested all the same things SonyaM said. unfortunately we just have to wait it out. diesel was like that for about a week and a half and the dr treated him for an ear infection....and his symptoms went away. he said that a cold that won't go away is a sign of ear infection, even if he had no other symptoms.


ConnorsMommy - February 27

i've used them for connor... i can't remember how old he was...i think he was 9 months and about 18-20lbs. but i gave him only half.. i'd try giving your ds either 1/3 or maybe even just 1/4 of the strip.


CShell - February 27

My ds is a year old he got a cold. His doctor said no Triaminic thin strips. They also said to wait it out. He sounded terrible but it cleared up in a few days.



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