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KRC - May 19

Do you ladies eat pizza if so is it safe. thanks


KRC - May 19

forgot to mention this question is for b___stfeeding moms


SonyaM - May 19

glad for the clarification, I was wondering if I was missing soemthing. I don't b___stfeed, so I dont' know but I would think it would be okay.


Rabbits07 - May 19

I've always ate whatever I wanted...even those things on the no-no list-- dairy, chocolate, onions, broccoli, even the oh-so-evil cabbage (not caffeine though) and have never had any problems with any of mine when b___st feeding. I do think it depends on the baby though. If you have a baby that seems to have alot of problems with gas I don't know if I would be so brave. I will say that I ate something with garlic in it a couple of weeks ago and ds didn't seem so eager to nurse, but other than that I've never had problems.


HannahBaby - May 19

i ate onions once.....BAD IDEA i gues every baby is different but she screamed for hours.


LisaB - May 19

My ds had a lot of problems in the beginning with things I ate but pizza never bothered him cheese pizza that is pepperoni bothered him as did onions garlic, chocolate he would scream after I would eat those things. I have slowly reintroduced all of them back in my diet and hes fine exept for raw oninons. Hes also 6 months and it took until about 4 months atleast for his tummy to ease up. Now we are having problems with solids so am hoping that will calm soon. Each babe is different so follow their lead.


Dalinkwent - May 19

I think as long as your baby has no known food sensitivities or allergies it should be fine. The main culprits for most kids are wheat, eggs and dairy. My daughter was only sensitive to citrus when I was providing b___stmilk. It gave her a terrible chicken-pox looking rash on her booty and she broke out in little dots around her face. OJ and fresh oranges did it big time. That was a problem for me because I love citrus fruits. I'm no longer BF, and DD is 5 months now and loving life rash free on Enfamil. GL to you and your baby. Tread lightly with the toppings!!!


olivia - May 19

I ate anything while b___stfeeding. My dd had no reactions. Tons of veggies, garlic, peppers, onions. I recently read that women in Italy avoid garlic while bf but women in India eat it to help with bf, so I figure eat what you'd like and if the baby has problems then you can look back and try to weed things out. Enjoy your pizza!



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