Quiet Baby

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Heidi - November 1

Okay my 3 wk old daughter is just so quiet. It seems odd almost but whenever we go somewhere she sleeps the entire time from the car ride, thru Walmart, parking ramps, everything. We're talking 4-5 hours worth of getting in and out of the car. She sleeps like a rock. Anyone else have a quiet newborn like this? Everyone's just amazed and I'm starting to wonder if something is WRONG with her! We haven't seen her doc yet for her first appt either. Not until she's four weeks old as my doc's father just died so we got bumped a week up. I don't know if I'm just lucky or is this not normal?


Mommy - November 1

You should go to the doctor just to be sure, but when my oldest was newborn-5 months, he would sleep all the time. Through Walmart, diaper changes, and Even baths. He is just fine, although slightly lazy lol. I think you are just lucky but you may want to make sure everything checks out with the doctor. Good luck!


Heidi - November 1

She cries during diaper changes and just enjoys her baths. They tested her hearing at the hospital and she pa__sed that but she doesn't even wake up when the dog goes running through the house barking at someone at the door!


Liana - November 1

I think your baby is norma, I'm no expert and you should check for sure. But your problem doesn't sound that abnormal, my baby has always been a quieter one, and rarely cried. She always sleeps well even with oud noises, form the time she was born till now ( almost one!!!!) She's just a mellow baby thank god, although she doesn't attempt to talk much (yikes!!!) but I bet you are just lucky!! ;-)


Amanda N - November 1

My daughter would sleep through the dog barking too. I think it was cause she was so used to it hearing while I was pregnant for her. She slept all the time af first too could take her in and out of the car, store etc.


- November 1

My baby WAS like that in the beginning, slept through everything, even when it was loud. She was always quiet, NOW she is soooo loud!!! So just enjoy.... if you really worried wouldnt hurt to mention it to the doc. good luck


Jamie - November 2

My baby was the same way. We commented, at her 2 week appt, that she never cried. The doctor a__sured us that sometime between 4 and 6 weeks, she would start crying about 2 hours a day. Unfortunately, he was right.


Ash - November 2

my son was quiet too, only made a noise when he was hungry, he started sleeping 8 hours a nite when he was 6 weeks old!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 2

I say you are lucky. Taking my son out of the house is a gamble. He is now 11 weeks old and getting better, but he has been colicky since 2 weeks, never sleeps, and I worry every time I leave the house with him what kind of experience it will be. Congratulations! I am jealous!


Shelly - November 2

Jesse was the same way at his age.After his doc appointment which is a 45 min ride we went shopping clothes for him and he just slept. He is now 13 weeks and still enjoys the car ride.Now he stays awake for a big time but eventually goes to sleep without fussing.I can also go to a restaurant with no problem.Just consider yourself one of the lucky ones,just like me.(one of the reasons they sleep so good its b/c of the movement and vibrations)


CEM - November 2

Heidi, my son is the same way! I'm starting to wonder the same thing!! He is 4 months old now and is happy/content all the time. I know some people would say I'm lucky but I think it's weird. He only cries when he's tired/hungry/soiled. He just sits and smiles and looks around all the time! Watches the news for a whole hour. I'm extra worried because his big brother may have autism/Asberger's Syndrome. But at least my baby seeks contact. Your little girl should be okay, but definitely keep an eye on her.



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