Quit My Job Today DS Loves His New Daycare

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Cassie06 - January 17

For those of you who werent following my story, I was working part time at a daycare and it just got to be too much. Between that, a husband, a 5 month old, being a full-time college student, bills, homework, etc. it just got too stressful. Not to mention the place I worked was more like jr high, with everyone having an att_tude and gossiping and backstabbing. Those who worked in the baby room negelcted DS and did not keep him on my schedule, did not hold him, left him in a swing all day, did not pick him up when he cried, etc. When I brought him home in the evenings he would want to be held all evening and would cry anytime I tried to set him down at all. However, I did make a few really good friends there, and one was the director. When I told her she cried and made me cry. I feel sort of guilty about quitting because I upset her, but I know it is the right thing in the long run. She told me that she will give me a call this summer and I can pick up some hours again if I want. Friday will be my last day. I think this will be good, because I will be able to focus more on my school work and spend a lot more time with DS! Oh, and DS started to the new home day care yesterday and it was wonderful!! When I picked him up he was so happy, he smiled and played with the director, and he was so good all evening. He played with me for a while then actually let me put him down to play by himself so I could get some work done! It was great!


Rabbits07 - January 17

Great! Nothing is more stressful than having to worry that your lo isn't being taken care of....glad this new place seems to be working out.


rl- - January 17

yeah that is great!!!! I am so lucky my mom watches ds for me and she is gonna keep him til he turns two and then I am only gonna put him in daycare part-time and she will have him the days he is not in daycare I would just get her to keep him til he starts school but I think it is important to their social skills to go to daycare even if it is only part time..


kellens mom - January 17

It is so nice when you finally find the right environment for your child. Congrats on prioritizing your life (and your time).


Lisastar9 - January 17

Great to hear your son loves his second home. It was sure nice of the director to give you hrs in the summertime if you want them. She must really like you.


ash2 - January 17

So happy for you !


SonyaM - January 17

So happy for you and your son. Daycare is a hard business!!! I used to be a director and it is SOOO hard to find good staff. I used to tell my staff all of the time that I could teach them the job but I couldn't teach them to have integrity. I had some great staff but they were the exception. I depended on them to model for the other staff but sometimes even that wasn't enough. I hope you told the director why you were moving your son. She needs to know the truth about the staff she has.



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