Quitting Work AND Switching Daycares Advice

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Cassie06 - January 15

So, as some of you know I have a 5 month old DS. I work part-time at a daycare and am a full time college student. I have posted a few times about the daycare I work at being more like jr high, with tension between everyone, talking behind each others backs, etc. Also they were not taking very good care of DS, I felt he was being neglected. I went in to work today and it was the last straw. I went and checked into another daycare that has a spot open for DS and got all the paperwork and he will be starting tomorrow. (I had already spoken with them last week). It is a home daycare and one of my good friends works there often so I have trust in her. Plus the director was so friendly and DS took to her instantly! I felt so much more peaceful as soon as I came in the door. I like some of the people I work with, and I really like the director, but she stays home most of the time and doesnt really have much of a say in what goes on. I dont want to hurt any feelings, but I have to get me and DS out of there. How should I explain that I no longer want DS there? That I no longer want to work there?


Ca__sie06 - January 15



Erynn21 - January 15

With all your woes at this job and with the care your son was receiving(or lack of) I say get out. The place sounds pretty bad, and some of the women have been really petty and stupid. The biggest thing is if you as a mother feel your child is being neglected get him out, you don't want that, and if he likes the director at the place you are looking at then there is probably good reason, and if it made you feel peaceful having him in a better environment and you being out of the stress of the other day care(and your job) it is the best decision for you and your son. Don't worry about hurting ppl's feelings, you have to do what is best for your family. Good luck.


apr - January 16

im having an opposite problem. my ds was at a home day care next door to me and i sent him to supervised day care now. the new one is down the road from me and i still dont know wat to say to my neighbor from the old day care


Heather F - January 16

I would be honest with the director, you said yourself that you like her if you dont tell her why you are leaving then she cant attempt to fix the problem for the rest of the babies that are in her daycares care. Being honest may be the hardest but it has the best rewards, you can go to sleep at night knowing that you did the most you could to ensure the other babies are well taken care off for their mommies. Good luck!



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