Qustion About The 2 Month Doctors Appt

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KrisD - November 8

My son gets his vaccinations on Friday. I am already a wreck over that, but my question is... What sort of shape will he be in that day and the next? We are having company on Saturday. Should I re-think having company b/c the baby will be feverish/cranky, etc.??


Kathryn - November 8

My son has never had any fever or been cranky from his shots.


Jadyns Mommy - November 8

I think each baby reacts differently to the shots. At my daughters 2 month shots, she was a bit sleepy for the remainder of the day and was fine the next and on her 4 month shots, she was completely unaffected within minutes afterwards. I have heard of some babies having reactions for several days as well. So I think you will have to play it by ear and just be ready to give tons of TLC no matter what. Good luck, believe me, it is probably harder on you than it is your son :-)


krystal - November 8

with my daughter she didnt' cry for the needle however she was pretty cranky for a few days following and her leg seemed really sore. with my son he didn't cry with the needle and he wasn't affected at all.


TC - November 8

My son just got his 2mo shots 2wks ago and it was not so bad. He was not extra fussy or anything he just screamed at the top of his lungs everytime he wanted to eat. I think that he was p__sed off. I also gave him some infant tylenol bc I figured he must have been in pain by the way he screamed. But remember that every baby is different. About your company, it might depend on your company. My mil was at my house the next day (it was a Saturday as well) and it was fine bc she is his grandma. Other people might not want to hang around a cranky baby and maybe you would not want to socialize while the baby is cranky as well. Play it by ear and good luck at the doctor.


sam - November 9

my son screamed his little head off for each shot, but was totally normal for days that followed. we gave him tylenol that day and the day after b/c he ran a slight fever. if he is running fever in the least bit, make sure you give him the infant tylenol every four hours and he should be fine, don't miss a beat though.


Jbear - November 9

I gave my daughter infant tylenol before her shots. She was sleepy afterwards, but not overly cranky. My older daughter would let out one wail when she got her shots, then sleep for 10 hours afterwards...she did that until she was 2.


me - November 9

My son got fever the night after the shot, but he wasn't cranky at all so I didn't give him any medication. The fever just last for a day and he kinda lost his appet_te for a few days.


Jamie - November 9

My daughter slept that first day, and then was fine.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 9

Lucas cried after the shots, and slept for 4 hours when we got home. He was a little extra fussy for a few days, but he is always cranky, so it's hard to tell. He did not run a fever though.



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