Random Outburst Cries

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jodie - December 19

Hello! My son is 4 weeks and he will be in a deep sleep and all of a sudden scream like someone is going to murder him! He never wakes up and its just a random cry...then he is instantly asleep again...is it a nightmear? Anyone else experience this? I feel so bad for him when it happens like he needs to be rescued.


T. - December 19

My daughter does that too. Well, she doesn't scream, it's more like a little cry or whimper. Then, she just stops and is still asleep. I think they are bad dreams. I don't know what of, though! Maybe not getting her food or something, lol! She's quite an eater!


erin - December 19

my son did that at that age. i thought it was from gas pains, he was a pretty ga__sy baby.


monica - December 19

my son use to do that I think it was gas pain...he doesnt do that anymore he is now almost 5 months.


Jamie - December 19

My daughter does that occasionally...who knows what they're dreaming of? I think my daughter dreams of her immunizations, because she didn't have the nightmares til after her 2 month appt; then they tapered off for a while, but she started them again since her 4 month appt. So...leads me to the conclusion that she's dreaming about the shots.


brittany - December 19

My daughter does that all the time i if i remember correctly it was about 4 weeks when it started and now she still does it occasionally. it also makes me feel bad i remember the first time she did it, i was sitting at the computer and she was a sleep in her swing and all of a sudden she started screaming/crying i jumped up and chair flew backwards and i ran over to her by that i was there she was fast asleep again.


Christy - December 19

Yup Ben has done it too, but not as much recently. He is 6 weeks old.


Katie - December 19

My daughter does it too occasionally. She just did it last night -its not a scream, but a really sad cry then boom she's asleep again- just like that. Maybe thay have that dream where you feel like you're falling already!!!!!


Jamie - December 19

D'you think they're dreaming of being born? I betcha that's pretty scary...I mean, it's terrifying for us moms, and we at least know what's going on!


ally - December 19

My baby did it as a newborn too and occasionally still does. Its perfectly normal for them to cry in their sleep and u just let it go as it is in their sleep


Kristina - December 19

omg Tasia does that! And I don't think it is gas pains..I think it is dreams cause like 5 minits later and she is laughing hysterically in her sleep!! She is so funny! She is 7 weeks tomorrow.


Heidi - December 19

Emma did that and still does once in a while. Everyone freaks out and I'm like, she'll go back to sleep or is screaming in her sleep. Sure enough, you go to where she's sleeping and she's out cold. I think she's possessed!



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