Random Vents Read At Your Own Risk

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sahmof3 - February 27

Sorry! Gotta get this out there. Hope I don't depress anyone. I gave fair warning, though LOL. First... my youngest son is on NO health insurance because of a stupid insurance co. screw up AND he's sick right now! I wrote in detail about it on Pirates' thread about health insurance. GGRRRR! Second, I just got a call from my mom saying not to clean at my grandma's tonight because my grandma is really sick. Not only is she sick, but she called my mom and said she hasn't taken her psych meds (for depression, anxiety and more...) and that Wray is there taking care of her so noone should come over there. OK, Wray is my LATE grandfather!!! She went delusional a few months ago after refusing to take her meds and it was terrible for my parents, so I hope this gets straightened out. Our church actually is scheduled to go to the retirement apartment complex where she lives and perform some songs and have a sing-a-long with the residents THIS coming Saturday night, so this kind of puts a damper on things! I hope she gets back to normal soon, but the last time the pyschiatrist had to start her over from 0 meds and gradually work her back up and someone basically had to "babysit" her 24/7. (Myself included... Phil would watch the kids and I would stay there an evening and overnight). It was more stressful than being home with 3 preschoolers because she would just yell and curse all night long !! Third, is just sort of a random thing... not particularly a vent.... just me questioning what I should do. My 19 month old was walking around downstairs earlier today. I was making lunch and next thing I know I look over and he is sitting ON his highchair tray!!! OMG... he scaled the outside of the highchair and got up there. Now what? Get rid of it? Hmmm... I'm not thinking straight because of everything else and I can't even think of what to do LOL. Also, my 6yo's being a whiny turd right now, so I'm too aggravated to think straight *sigh*. OK, pity-party's over... I think....


Mellissa - February 27

awe.. i'm sorry you're going through all of that. :( sounds like you need a breather!!! i don't have any advice, only pity, for your situation with your grandma. as far as your son goes, have you thought about buying a booster seat that straps to a regular chair? that would stop the climbing, and ease your mind a little bit. my dd loved hers when she was that age. if you don't want to do that, maybe you could remove the tray and hide it in a closet until it's time to eat... that way if he DOES climb.. he could just climb into the seat. i hope things work out for you!!


mcatherine - February 27

Wow. A lot is going on. Sounds like a "hand everyone off the the hubs 'cause moms locking herself in the bathroom for a bubble bath and you'd better not knock unless someone died" night! Is that a possibility? I'm there, too. Good news - no diabetes - yay!!. Bad news - weight is obviously not coming goff due to - gulp, age and genetics! HA! vacation days at school are now snow make up days so Florida trip is officially postponed until June. This mornings MRI showed I do have a bulging disc (after our family doc suggested Cymbalta for the physical signs of depression...dumba**) and our computer crashed, so my computer use is limited to a short time in the evenings because my husband takes it to work and then I have to fight Hayes for it when he comes home. Hope you don't mind me joining your pity-party. It just seemd like you may have felt better after you got it all out. Did you? (I hope your g-ma gets better, hon!)


mosley12 - February 27

i know what your dealing with with the grandmother..my grandmother is also on medicine for depression and anxiety, and she is constantly calling me and using me as her personal physciatrist! and she tells me all these family secrets that i DO NOT want to know..lol..cause now i cant look at people the same..would your youngest qaulify for maybe like medicaid or something? atleast until he can get put on insurance?


mosley12 - February 27

sorry sahmof3...i just read your other post about the medicaid!


ash2 - February 27

Sounds to me you are loooooong overdue for a hot, relaxing bubble bath....I had one for the first time in like 2 years, and let me tell ya...other than 4 my year old squirting me in the face with a water gun, it was well worth it !


Rabbits07 - February 28

I'm sorry...it seems like the whole month of Feb. has been nothing but poops and pukes for you! That has to be tough! I hate to hear about your g-ma too. I have an uncle who has a lot of psychiatric probs and when he takes a notion to go off his meds it's always awful for the family there who have to take care of him. As for the climbing thing, I feel ya' on that one. Mason is on the verge of climbing out of his pack-n-play. Dh caught him yesterday balanced over the side on his tummy...if he'd shifted his weight forward at all he'd have been in the floor on his head! He's only 11 months old so I don't know what to do about that one. He spends alot of time in the living room floor playing and walking and stuff. But when I am busy doing housework I have to put him in the pack-n-play or Clint would hurt him (not intentionally, he just plays a little too rough!) Oh, the joys of parenthood!



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