Rash All Over The Head

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erin - January 26

i started giving my son squash three days ago...is there anyway this food can give him a reaction only on his head? bumps started on the upper part of his neck the first day, i thought it was a bout of baby acne again...the next day (last night) he had red patches all over his head with bumps in the red patches (like tiny pimples), it's behind his ears also and now (third day) the tiny bumps are creeping onto his forhead (just the top). he does not have fever, breathes normally, eyes are not puffy...the bumps and patches are not seriously dry or flaking. i have not put anything on his head out of the ordinary. i can not figure this out...i don't think it's eczema b/c it's not scaly. anyone else go through this? can you give me an idea as to what this could be? i will not be giving him squash again for a couple of weeks, i just don't see how he would just break out on his head~


Mommy - January 26

Zane would break out somewhat like that when he eats fish. It only showed up where it actually touched him and it would bump up a bit and turn into red splotches. I a__sume it's possible but ask his pediatrician to make sure.


jg - January 26

My baby is like that too, but the only thing I can put it down to is the heat - he hasn't changed his food at all but has the rash in the same places - chin, forehead, edges of face, ears. But it isn't raised, apart from a few spots, so I am guessing it is heat rash.


momma - January 26

that is tochy, it might and it might not be becouse of allerfgies, my dd hasnt had a reation to anything, but my friends son has, he go a rash on his mouth, on his bottom (from traces of it in his diaper) and on his chest and his hand that he put in his mout while eating that particular food. I would check with the doc, or nurse on call to be sure


Liz - January 26

Pears did that to my son. We stopped giving him pears and they wen't away


Jbear - January 26

See if it clears up after a day or two without him eating squash. Also, call his doctor and describe the rash, to see if it could be anything that needs treatment.



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