Rash Issue

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tish212 - November 19

Ok my DD is 11 months old, and has NEVER had a diaper rash, i always put cream on her to keep her dry and keep moisture out of the creases in her thighs and around her lil bum and girl parts, but recently she has been getting small areas of irritation on the outer part of her girlie parts. (the lips of her va___a) I DO NOT leave my daughter in a wet or poopy diaper at all, but this recent change worries me, I had changed diaper brands and thought maybe that was it, but we switched back to her original brand (pampers) and still she gets small little areas, they last maybe a day or less, but they are still there. I put extra cream on them, and they dont seem to bother her, but i would like to know what is causing this. I have begun to wonder if it could be something in her stool. Since she plops onto her butt a lot, and will manage to moosh her poop in 2 minutes after going (lol by ploping down constantly) She eats table foods, and I have tried to think of what she has eaten in common on the days she gets the rash but I am still at a draw since I can't seem to link any one type of food .... maybe its a spice or something? Does anyone elses child have this and if so what caused it?? Her next Dr appt is next month but if it continues I will make an appt earlier. Thanks in advance ladies


mjvdec01 - November 19

It could be a yeasty rash, in which case you need an antifungal cream. When our daughter was little that was the only kind of rash she ever got. Clortrimazol cream is what you want. You can find it in the foot care section at any grocery store. Wal-Mart carries an Equate brand that is a larger tube and less expensive, it is a white and orange box. If you try it and it doesn't work, it's harmless.


tish212 - November 20

Thank you, I didn't think of that, I wil definately try that since it is bothering me a lot to see it now since she has never had one. Thank you very much.



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