Rashy Around Neck And Under Folds Of Chin Advice

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angelbebe - July 14

My daughters skin under her neck and chin is so raw! It's all pink and rashy. I guess she gets sweaty under there and since she hasn't grown a neck yet it never gets aired out or something. Any thoughts? Does anyone elses baby have this? She is 6 weeks old. I have been putting some vaseline. I've also tried the other approach and put powder on it to keep it dry.


melissa g. - July 14

when my dd had that ( she was dribbling milk from her bottle down her neck), i put Desitin on it and it cleared up. I havent been as successful at clearing up her drool rash unfortunately, blast.


Bonnie - July 14

I have been dealing with this also. Two things that have helped Mason are a daily bath instead of every other day. So try increasing her baths a little. And the Destin really helped as well. :)


ConnorsMommy - July 14

my ds had the same problem around that age. my sister-in-law (being a "alternative medicine" type person..) gave me coconut oil to try. it totally worked... it's really good for his skin. i still rub it all over him after his bath and he never gets any dry patches like some babies get :) ... where she got it, i have no idea.. cuz i'm not really into that "all natural/organic/gluton free" stuff.. lol.. i used desitin, as well.. and it seemed to work.. but it was too messy. coconut oil is clear and not thick like desitin or vaseline, at all...


ralhun - July 14

My son has the same problem, I was told to do nothing just keep it clean and dry. I try not to put any thing on his skin as he has inhereted my sensitive skin


angelbebe - July 14

thank you ladies!! Really appreciate the advice!


Kel - July 14

Huggies makes a great liquid powder, goes on like a liquid and dries to a powder. I use it on my lo's creases when I know we are going to be out in the hot weather.


ssmith - July 14

Cornstarch is great for raw, sore skin. Just pat a little on her neck, and it will absorb it and calm it down right away....plus its safer than talc.


hello - July 15

if u have dermaveen there then buy that... my daughter gets it under her knees as well


jennyr - July 17

My little one had that at about 4 months and I freaked. It was so red and gross it almost started to bleed. Thank goodness we saw it when we did. I called the doctor and she said keep it dry. Ever since that day I put baby powder on her every morning and night and I have not had any problems since then. Try it it really works!


nic nac - July 18

I use the cornstarch too. I rub it in my hand first and then put on her neck to avoid her inhaling any of the cornstarch. Works great.


bbelmore - July 18

Personally, i find that puttin gpowder anywhere there is wetness creates and paste which then dries and sticks to his skin. I just slap a bib on him, and wipe whenever there is drool. they make some really good pullover bibs that have turtleneck-like collars. they help alot.


Erin1979 - July 20

Try to keep it as clean and dry as possible. My dd had this as well. I found using a little wash cloth and some warm water to clean her up after meals, and then drying it really well worked. The baby powder with cornstarch works well too. Diaper rash cream will take the redness away quickly too.


Bonnie - July 20

If it's due to a lot of wetness, like on Mason, the powder just ends up mking a paste and actually makes it worse. The diaper creme really helped a lot. I also spoke to the ped about it yesterday who told me that if it gets bad enough to where it starts to get crusty or scabby, to use a little cortizone cream.


Erin1979 - July 21

My doc actually suggested polysporin....it cleared it up in a flash as well


lindsay - July 21

hey :-) i got some of that huggie's liquid powder as mentioned here and like it pretty well... i haven't had to have lexi out in the heat again, but it dries really thin and doesn't seem like it would cake... maybe it will prove to be a good preventative measure!



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