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LollyM - February 22

Dh and I had to use CIO with our little girl when she was 5 months old because she just would not go to sleep any other way and she was waking up 5 times a night. Anyway, everything was going well and she was sleeping very well from 10 pm too 6:30 am and then she would go back to sleep for a few hours and then be up for the day. So anyway, things were great until she got sick and I was not about to let her CIO in any way shape or form because she was just feeling terrible. I nursed her back to sleep each time she would wake up in the night to increase her fluid intake and comfort her. The problem is, now that she is better, she is still waking up a bunch of times at night to eat. She still goes to bed just fine, but she woke up 4 times last night! I don't know what to do. She is 6 1/2 mos now and I know that doing CIO again will fix the problem of her waking at night, but it was just so hard the first time, I don't want to do it again! I have tried just rocking her and not feeding her, but that makes her more upset than just letting her go back to sleep on her own. What should I do?!


Bonnie - February 23

We did CIO with Mason as well, and he is now a year old. throughout that time we have had issues that have interrupted his sleep schedule. Teething, sickness, separation enxiety, etc. They are always [hases and pa__s fairly quickly. i just judge things absed on my b___t. Uf he is sick or in pain, I get him up. Liek if his teeth hurt him bad, I will get him up, give him Motrin and sit with him for 30 minutes. Basically once he seems happy again I out him back down. If he cries, he stays down because I know at that point he is just crying because he wants to play. I just use the ole gut instinct. If I think he just wants to play, I leave him. If I think he doesn;t feel well, I get him up and hold him until he is better.


LollyM - February 23

Thanks Bonnie =) that's what I have been doing and it seems to work. It's just so hard to hear my baby cry! I'm sure you know that though =). I had to let her cry for just 20 minutes before bed tonight which isn't so bad. I rocked her and nursed her for about 30 before that, and then I could tell that she just wanted to stay up with me instead of go to sleep. I guess the bast thing is just to keep sticking with my instinct like you said. Thanks again. I feel less guilty now =)


Bonnie - February 23

I am a big believer in gut instincts. When Mason was first born and wouldnt stop crying, everyone made me feel like an over anxious mom. When the doctor finally ordered an upper GI which showed significant reflux, that sure shut them up right quick. (We now have a new and fantastic ped)................I think things gets easier over time as well Lolly as you learn. Mason si 12 months now and we he is crying because he wants something that is not necessarily good for him, it doesn't bother me tro hear him cry. But when he cries because he us really in need (like teethign pain), suddenly hearing him brings tears to my eyes. Don't feel guilty. Just use your own judgement. Mommy knows best. :)



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