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Helen - December 1

At what age did you start to read to your infant?


chelsey - December 1

Mine is 4 months, and I read to him and his older sister every night! The books range from Dr. Seuss to those Mr. ? books! (Remember those? Mr. Small, Mr. Messy, Mr. Tall etc,) Maybe my little guy doesn't understand what i'm reading, but he sure enjoys the way I act out the book, with facial expressions and different voices! I dont think its ever too early to begin reading books to your kids!


Toya - December 1

I started reading to my infant when she was 3 weeks old. Now that my daughter is almost 7 months she knows how to turn the pages. I don't think you can ever start to early, cause babies loved to be talked to and read to.


FF - December 1

I bought my son a special vintage children's book when I was still pregnant, I read it to him then, and we still do now! He's four months and really enjoys the sound of my voice no matter what we're reading.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - December 1

I also started whem Amaya was 3 weeks old. We read a story every night before bed. That is part of our routine. During the day we might pick up a book or two and read them but she mostly chews on her board books, we are into more "grown up books" like Dr. Seuss! lol


soleil - December 1

I started reading to my daughter after 6 weeks, I have tons of books from when I was in elementary school plus I've bought a few. She is 10 mo.


Ashley - December 1

I always read to my daughter when she was born, but then once she started grabbing, she would try to just grab the book out of my hand or try to rip the pages... lol. So now its a little hard.


Jamie - December 2

Right now, I just read whatever I'm reading out loud, whether it's a book, magazine, bills, or whatever. LOL


Lesley - December 2

My oldest was about 3 month old. When I had my daughter I read to her from day 1, and same with my youngest. Ashley, can you not make stories up? I do ht sometimes, or now that my oldest is 5 I let him make his own up sometimes too.


Jamie - December 2

I have read that, until they start speaking, they don't really care what's being said to them - it's the voice that counts. But, they are *aware* of what's being said; so if you say nothing but curse words from morning til night, their first words will probably be curse words - but you can just talk to them about whatever, from reciting your grocery list to reading these forums out loud. Not sure how accurate that is, but that's what I've read.


April - December 2

I have always read two stories to my daughter at bedtime since she was 1 year. Before 1 year and ever since we read 2-3 books during the day. My daughter doesn't watch more than 1/2 hour of tv at most a day. We like to read and she at 6 reads to me. My lucky little guy 4 1/2 months gets to hear all of our stories and at bedtime we have added a special story just for him. But at his age you can read them anything as long as you make your voice interesting.


KFish - December 2

from the beginning. I bought a bunch of brightly colored cardboard books. He loved Goodnight Moon and the Dr. Suess books.


Ashley - December 2

Lesley, actually that is what I've been doing, just taliking to her about everything and anything. Also, I'm interested in buying a personalized book for her that has her name in it, anyone else do that? I did the CD thing and she loves it.


chelsey - December 2

They make Disney books that if you send in your child name, birthdate, some friends names etc..., then they will incorporate all the information you provide, into the book. So, its a personalized keepsake book! Great idea, and like $20 I think!


Ashley - December 2

Chelsey, do you have one of those personalized books? Any ideas where I can get it from?


Fabienne - December 3

I've always read stories to Matthew - he's now 5 months old and he LOVES books -


chelsey - December 3

I dont have any Ashley, but got a thingy in the mail about it. I thought they'd make excellent Christmas presents! I'll look for it in the morning and tell you where to find it! I think it's by Grolier? Anways, I'll check.



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