Reading Interacting With Our LO S

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jb - January 19

How can you actually read to your lo's? My dd is 11 months old and as soon as I open a book, she rips it out of my hands and starts turning the pages until it is closed again. Usually it is one or two chunks of pages that get turned! So how am I supposed to read to her if she keeps doing this? She has a major hissy fit if I try and open the book up again. (She thinks I am going to take the book away or something) Another thing she does is she knocks everything down. I actually think that is pretty hilarious though. She has about 15 little characters that go with her VTech Alphabet train station. Every time I stand the guys up, she comes over and knocks them all down! She also does this with blocks. I stack them up and she knocks them down in the process. I am sure this is normal behavior, but I am jut curious as to how I should handle it. Should I keep doing what I am doing, or should I tell her no? Thanks in advance!!!


jessb - January 19

LOL, our dd's must be twins separated at birth. My Alyssa does the same thing. Just grabs the book and then she wants to turn the pages. Then she closes the book, opens it, chews on it, and finally just walks away with it. Usually what I do is when she is busy with the first book I grab another one and read it aloud to her. Even if she walks off and starts playing with other toys, I figure at least she is hearing the story. I guess its important to keep trying even though they are at an age where its really impossible to sit down and read to them. They like destruction so much at this age :o) One of our favorite things to do is stack blocks up and watch her walk over and precede to knock them all down. Its so funny! We call her the master of disaster b/c every room she goes into looks like a huricane hit it.


hello - January 19

My daughter is 19 months old and my brother found it weird to read to her.... they stop turning the pages as they get a little older, she still does it a little bit but not much... just read quick haha..... no point saying no as its their age u know... keep reading though, they say to do it daily and even the same books, word books are good.... Mine is fussy sometimes and insists to watch the same elmo dvd in the am ..goes for half hr, in doing so i watched her one day do a diamond with her hands as tilly sings twinkle twinkle, its cool to see they learn from dvd's even...... keep persevering


ash2 - January 19

That is completley normal. That is one of the main reasons they made those sturdy books that cant be torn out and can be chewed on !


jb - January 20

Thanks for your input. It makes me feel better to hear other people struggle with this too!!!



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