Ready Made Milk

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Hana - January 13

Hi ladies. My son loves the ready made milk in cartons which are very expensive, but anything to make him eat! I just wondered whether you know if the heat treatment has any long or short term health problems? I tried to google it but i didn't get anywhere. Thanks in advance.


Hana - January 13

Anyone at all?


Alison - January 13

Do you mean warming the milk up for him to drink? As far as I'm aware that shouldn't affect formula milk. Otherwise not sure what you are meaning? Sorry couldn't be more help. Did your DS not like the powdered formula? As you say at least he is eating :-) I think the ready made can be easier to take sometimes can't it? xxx


Hana - January 13

Alison, no i meant the actual ready made milk itself. Its liquid and in cartons and like long life milk but forumla. All i know is that its been heat treated but sort of worried about anything thats liquid that can stay 'fresh' for a year LOL He's gone off the poweder..or at least will eat a lot less than the carton one. He;s such a stubborn little boy. He's only 4 months and wants to hold the bottle and refuses to feed while im holding him, it has to be him sitting in his chair...he's gonna wanna go partying at the age of 9 lol


Rabbits07 - January 13

Do you mean UHT? The high temp pasteurization is very safe...certainly much safrer than using artificial chemicals or preservatives. I actually buy the UHT 2% milk for myself...I love it! It tastes so much better than milk in a regular cartonm or jug....especiallly when it's ice cold. If the formula is anything like the milk it's no wonder your ds prefers


Alison - January 14

Ah I see! Lol about wanting to go partying at 9! My mother tells me when I was very young I refused to let her read me stories I HAD to do it myself and would say "me do!!" then flip through the pages babbling rubbish as if I were reading the story he he! Hope Rabbits has helped rea__sure you about the milk xxx



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