Ready To Feed Formulas

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Amy_mommy - May 26

hi! i'm trying to take my babies out for a day but each time, i have a limit because formulas spoil when u put it out for more than 1 hour. i don't want to get those ready to feed nursette bottles as they are very expensive...!! so, i can only take the baby out for 3 hours & after that, i have to bring her home to feed her.... how do you guys manage to take babies out with formulas? aren't u NOT supposed to leave it out for more than 2 hours??????????? help!!!!!!!!


Bonnie - May 26

You can either get a freezer pack to keep it cold in your bag then run it under hot water somewhere. Or do what I do. Put the water in the bottle. But the powder in another container. When time to eat...mix together. As long as baby will take it room temp this works great.


Chelle - May 26

I do the same thing as Bonnie. I put the amount of water I need in each bottle and put the powder formula in a little plastic tub with a lid. When my daughter gets hungy, I just add the correct amount of formula to the water.


Amy_mommy - May 26

thanks, guys!


YC - May 26

I do the same thing to. There are these little formula powder holders that they sell at Wal Mart, Babies R Us, Target, etc. I have one with four seperate containers and in each section I scoop enough formula for whatever size bottle I am making and I throw a bottled water in the diaper bag. When she get hungry I can make a bottle on the go and it literally takes seconds. If you have a ga__sy baby I would suggest the Playtex Nursers with the drop in bags because the formulas has lots of bubbles and air after being shaken. With these bottles I can squeeze all of the air abd bubbles out so I dont have to let the bottle sit.


JEN - May 26

I just put the correct amt. of formula (powder) in each bottle, then when ds is ready to eat I pour in the water and shake it up. Oh, I keep bottles of nursery water handy in his diaper bag.


Amy_mommy - May 26

wow, how come i never thought of all of these in the beggining? talk about being 1st time mom!!!!! haha!


Maggie - May 26

I'm with the powder users. What I do is try to feed my dd right before we go out. As we are leaving I heat a bottle with the right amount of water until it is hot. This way when she is ready for her next feeding she has a bottle ready that is slightly warmer than room temperature.


Nyssa - May 28

I'm just curious, don't the powdered formulas get all lumpy and won't dissolve if put into cold water? I am forced to use ready to feed because my daughter is allergic to both milk and soy ( what a nightmare). I wish the Alimentum still came in powdered form ( discontinued)because this idea of mixing when going out really sounds good. Half of the tin of formula gets wasted with us because one hour after opening the tin ( she doesnt drink the whole thing at once) we have to throw it away.



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