Really Bad Cold

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Lillie E - March 6

my ds has a really bad cold right now. his nose is all stuffed up and he has trouble eating and when he cries you can tell he's losing his voice, i've never heard a cough so bad from a baby... his eyes are all watery and i hate seeing him like this. its so hard to get him to sleep at night and i'm constantly finding myself waking up to make sure he's still breathing... is there anything i can do to help him? is there any kind of medicin i can give him?


MJM - March 6

How old is he? If he is under 6 months there really isn't anything ,medicine wise, that you can give him. Get nasal saline drops, drop a couple in each nose and then get the asperator and suck them out. Put a humidifer in his room for added moisture. Also put a phone book or 2 under his matress so it is propped at an angle and that will help with drainage. Nice warm baths help also. But again how old is he?


Kerry - March 7

You can try thr gerber vapor bath it helped my girl as well as the saline spray the also now have dimetap for infants just for stuffed up nose and running noses It worked great my doc recomended it you can ask the pharmacy they will tell you. She had a cough too but it was more from her nose running back in her throat.


mommy716 - March 7

we used tempra for Michael when he was 3 months old, My dr and the pharmacist said it was safe, he was also on a puffer for his cough


tiffani - March 7

Yes, after he's 4 months old he can have Triaminic. My son, who just turned 4 months on March 1st. is taking Triaminic Cough and Runny Nose. My Pediatrician told me to give him the Triaminic Cold and Allergy, but I couldn't find it . There are several different kinds of Triaminic, you'll just have to read the box to find the one that matches his symptoms. Give him 1/4 tsp every 4 hours. If you suspect a sore throat as well, also give him the appropriate amount of Tylenol for his weight.(be sure the medicine you choose doesn't already have it in there, it would be listed as acetomenaphin in the active ingredients) Also, a humidifier works really well. Get one that has COOL mist and keep it in his room until the cold weather has pa__sed. First and foremost however, consult your physician (or his nurse) and describe your sons symptoms. Let him make a diagnosis over the phone. He'll ask you some basic questions that will tell him whether or not your little man needs to be seen or if over the counter meds are appropriate. Fevers and loss of appet_te are signs of something more than just a cold. Hope your little guy feels better soon. :o)


tiffani - March 7

That should read acetaminophen. ;o)


Lillie E - March 7

well, my son doesn't have a doctor, i've gone to the same clinic, but they keep giving me a different doctor because they are understaffed. he's turned 4 months feb 26th, he did have a fever a few days ago, but he seems to be gettin better. i got him a humidifier and it seemed to help. i got so mad when i went to buy it thou. i wanted to get him something for his cold and because i'm not 18 yet (i will be at the end of this month) i couldn't by it! how is a teenage mother supposed to take care of their child if they can't get the stuff they need... i was angry.


Narcissus - March 7

What you are able to do to help him is totally dependent on his age. My son is one and I bought some Vicks Baby Vapo Rub and I put a dab under his nose so he can breathe better. I do not force the food issue bc he is not hungry, like I am not hungry when I have a bad cold. I give him a lot of fluids (white grape juice, water..) and I let him watch his favorite dvd a few times a day, instead of just one time. I bought some cough/runny nose infant drops from Triaminic and I give him Infants Concentrated Tylenol bc the post nasal drip is what causes a sore throat. The tylenol works well to reduce the pain in his throat as well as reduce his fever. I am giving him cold vanilla pudding, breyers vanilla ice cream... Technically, it's best to reduce dairy bc it increases mucous production but I realize you can't do that at your child's age. So, that is how I am handling my son's first real cold. Maybe some of those suggestions will work for you. Good luck and get ready to wake up a lot tonight:)


C - March 7

If he isn't getting better on his own you'll need to take him in to the doctor soon. He may have some type of bacterial infection which normally only gets better with an antibiotic. My son has been sick for 2 weeks so I understand how hard it is to see the little ones so uncomfortable.


Jbear - March 7

You can call the clinic and see if he needs to be seen. You don't need a specific doctor, just call the clinic and talk to the nurse. If you can't get him in to see the doctor and you think he needs to be seen, you can take him to an ER. For the stuffy nose, use saline drops and a bulb syringe...there is no age restriction to purchase those. Don't give him any medicine unless a doctor tells you to. Most infant medications don't have dosages on the boxes, because they want you to ask your doctor how much it is safe to give.


Narcissus - March 8

That is true about meds.... I had the pharmacist at Target help me choose the right medication & he wrote the dose that my son needs based on his weight and gave me a syringe at no charge. Watch carefully for an ear infection as upper respiratory infections can turn into an ear infection in children. How is he doing today? We had to wake my son up twice last night to pin him down and aspirate his nose. It was awful. He is so worn out from crying. The antihistimine in his Triaminic made him tired so he slept well.


Kerry - March 8

The dimetapp does has a dosage lable .Its called Dimetapp Oral infant cold & fever drops it's alcohol free dosage is 4-7 months right up to 3 years old it'd grape flavour like I said it worked wonders for my girl but still ask your Doc or a Pharmacy.


Narcissus - March 8

I am getting some of that tonight. Thanks, Kerry!


Kerry - March 8

oh have you tried the vapor plug ins for his bedroom? I haven't myself but others said it works too.


Narcissus - March 8

Not yet but I will pick one up.



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