Really Bad Diaper Rash

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lin7604 - October 11

what else can i do for my little man. he has had diaherra for 4 days now and has a really red sore bum, he has had a few weaping sores that come on go depending on how much diaherra he gets each day. i feel so bad for him, i hope the worst is over now as today was less then the rest.


ImpatientMommy - October 12

If it's pretty bad you should call your pediatrician and they should give you a prescription for Nystatin ointment. I put it on my daughter when she had a little diaper rash and it cleared up pretty fast, it works wonders! And you'll have A LOT left over for all the other diaper rashes in the future!


Hailsa24 - October 12

Lin, I know how horrible you feel. I also had a lo with a bad case of diaper rash when she was only 3 days old! Her b___t was so red she would cry when I changed her diaper :(. I went to the doctor, and they gave me a prescription, but also reccommended, Desitin original, wiping the b___t with cotton b___s, and letting your lo's b___t breathe without diaper as much as possible! Good luck, I know you feel bad! It will hopefully get better soon!


TiffanyRae - October 12

Just a thought....if your baby suffers from Thrush it could be a yeast infection...I know that sounds strange but my doc told me that thrush can move through the body and through the intestines and out the rear. She said it can resemble hamburger meat...I know that sounds HORRIBLE I cringed when she said it....but it is a good judge I guess. Anyway just a thought.


lin7604 - October 12

i have heard of thrush but no nothing about it, what is it exactally? I try to let him bum breath a few times a day but with diaherra i don't want an opps, if you know what i mean. cleaning up pee is so much easier.


Cathy2 - October 13

BREAST MILK! My daughter is 3 weeks old and jsut started the slightest bit of a diaper rash yesterday...I pumped a few ounces of b___stmilk and everytime I changed her I poured some over bum and let it air was gone by this morning. Breastmilk has such incredible antibiotic properties and it actually really good for cuts and sc___ps, eye infection, hleping to loosen boogers you can't get out...such a beautiful thing nature provides us with !


countrymom401 - October 13

Thrush is yeast. If they have a diaper rash that lasts over 4 days chances are it has become infested with yeast. My doctor told me to put canesten creme on the rash and it worked for me. It was cheaper then the prescription stuff. The prescription I got the first time had canesten in it. Now when my lo has a rash I put some on if its there for more then a couple of days. If they have yeast it looks like little red sore bumps around there a__s or anywhere the rash is.I would try the creme and talk to your doctor.


countrymom401 - October 13

Oh yeah and air always helps. If you use disposiable diapers try cutting a few small holes in the backside to let some air in. It may be a little messy but better then the whole pooh on the floor



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