Really Need Some Advice With My Newborn

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JJ5235 - April 8

I have a 2 week and 3 day old son who is br___tfed. I can not just lay him down in his crib to go asleep instead he wants to nurse which is fine but then he stops nursing for a good period of time and I will pull him off my nipple and he starts crying until he is wide awake. I just dont understand this or what to do right now. When he is awake he only wants to be on my br___t even if he is not feeding and if he is not he throws a temper tantrum. I do not like to see him cry so I end up puting him back on the br___t. He will not take a pacifier after I pull him from the br___t and i feel like this is creating a horrible habit. What do I do??? My pediatrician says to let him Cry it out but everthing I read says not to do that to a newborn. Any advice would be greatly appreciative!


TRP - April 8

Maybe you should consider putting him in a bouncer seat or swing. I put my dd in a bouncer at that age and she loved it. Especially the vibrating feature. She slept in it, sat it in, stared at her surroundings and was just very content in it. I didn't put her in the swing until about 1 month, but she loved that too. I hope you find some comfort for your little guy! =)


Annette - April 8

My son is a natural "sucker", after all, babies do that for a living. Some mommies don´t like the pacifier idea, and some babies will just never take one, but to me it is sometimes the only way to put my baby to sleep or entertain him without getting my b___b chewed on. When he wouldn´t take a pacifier what I did was pushing it gently in his mouth and hold it there with my hand on his cheek(s) so it felt like he was pressed against my b___b until he fell asleep, which didn´t take long. This might sound yukky but I tried the binky first myself to check if it tasted too much like rubber and to soften it a bit (OF COURSE I washed and boiled it before giving it to the baby). I wouldn´t let him cry it out either.


MJM - April 8

With such a young baby I would use the pacifier. As long as you break him of it by 5 mo it wont turn into a horrible habbit. My ds would do the same at this stage when I gave him the pacifier he was all good. He is now 3 mo and has not had the paci since about 2 mo.


Erin1979 - April 8

There is a website They have all sorts of b___stfeeding advice, questions and things to try. My daughter "cluster fed" from about 2 weeks until she was 10 weeks. From about 3 pm on she did nothing but eat. The website gave me an explanation why she was doing this, and some idea of how to deal with it. If your baby refuses a paci, I would not force it on him. My daughter would not take a paci unitl she was about 4 months old (only took it when she started teething). All babies are different. It may just be a comfort thing, but it will get better!! Good Luck!


meme - April 8

to Erin - That's a great website! I just went to check it out. I'm going to be a mommy any time now (38 weeks pregnant), and I'm all about b___stfeeding and attachment parenting. Thanks for sharing!


Trac - April 8

Don't worry, things will get better. They just want the closeness and comfort of b___stfeeding. I felt exactly like you for the first 6 or 8 weeks. But, in time, they do get so they can be by themselves a little more. Just know that you are doing something great for your baby. I have always heard it's better to wait until they are 8 weeks to give them a pacifier because of nipple confusion. My babies never took them but a lot of people say they are great. I also love the website. Good luck to you!!


kimberley - April 8

That age is hard, I am sure he will get into a better routine by 6 weeks, it is a comfort for them, plus BF babies often feed up to 12 times a day. It is good to try the dummy though, as you dont want him to think whenever he is awake he must be feeding.......They need to know that awake time, is not only for feeding.


Sarahsmommy - April 9

Have you tried several different types of paci's? I started with the avent ones and am know using the Nuk. I also think that the soothies might be good, my LO couldn't keep it in her mouth though. I would just try a couple different ones because it sounds like he feels he needs to be sucking on something all the time. Also I have heard don't let a baby CIO until 6 months of age. 2 weeks is way to old. You want him to know that you are there for him when you need him and you will try to help him with whatever is bothering him.


JenniferB - April 10

My son never took a pacifier. He didn't like them. He used to fall asleep all the time while he was nursing and he wasn't really done. Try tickling his feet to keep him nursing for a good period of time, or take some of his clothes off so he isn't so cozy warm and will maybe be a little more awake. If he nurses until he is full he may stay asleep.....I hope. I never let my little bug cry either. Good luck, it will get easier. :0)


Ginny - April 10

My Baby Girl did the exact same thing, and I git really frustrated, and even considered switching to formula so that i could get some sleep. What finally worked was rubbing some b___stmilk onto the nipple of the pacifier, so that she wouldn't immediately reject it. Also, she only likes those really small nubby ones. I think the big ones kind of gagged her. Congratulations on your baby, and I hope everything works out!


austinsmom - April 11

I think that at 2-3 weeks it is to soon to worry about creating a little one did the same thing wanted to feed all the time and from what I understand it is normal and helps your milk come in and creates a good baby did have a little trouble with gaining weight ( does yours?) and even though he was on the b___st all the time he wasnt getting enough because he would suck for a while and drift yes try to keep him up some so he will get more and then he might stay asleep longer cause his belly is full....honestly though you need him to feed for your supply.....I ended up having to pump cause I had to make sure he was getting the ounces he needed when I fed him a bottle of b___stmilk he slept like a baby lol for much longer stretches austin would not take a pa__sy no matter what but like I say for me his problem was not getting enough and wanting to drift off asleep........I have read things as well saying not to let them cry it out and I agree ....I think that at that young they are crying for a reason and ya just gotta figure out what it is......good luck!!!!! I am a first time mom of a 3 month old so I am just learning as I go along hope this helps.....oh and by the way if you do pump and feed him a bottle .........they gave a special bottle at hospital made by medela to use for the times I had to pump and it did not cause nipple confusion and worked great it had a long nipple and bulb that had a disc at the end of it that allowed a little milk into bulb when baby sucked it really rocked!!


Erin1979 - April 11

To meme, you're welcome! Good luck with your little one. Do you know what you're having??



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