Really Runny White Poo

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jillianT - January 20

what do any of you know about it? i'm sort of freaking out right now...i believe that Naomi is in the begining stages of teething. tons of drooling, fingers in mouth at all times and rosey cheeks. (she's 4 mo old) . we've also started her on solids w/ in the last month. she was having really soupy rice cereal once every few days at first, now it's an every other day thing and i've introduced carrots. she hadn't pooped in 2 days (she's now on 100% formula and we haven't had any problems w/ the kind she uses -- similac advance w/ iron) so anyway... i tried to give her some watered down juice to get things going, but she didn't like it, so i gave her a bit of stage one applesauce w/ her cereal a couple of days ago. it worked right away... the next day at daycare she had a major blowout (normal color) and then again today at my parents she had a very large very very very smelly bowel movement ((a lighter version of her normal color -- much runnier than normal though). and then this evening she was having her bottle and had another very very smelly one...dh went to change her and the color was off white -- barely green and it was extremely runny. she has had a runny nose so i know she isn't feeling too great and like i said, i'm pretty sure she's teething. what do you guys think? should i be worried??


Kara H. - January 20

I hate to break this to you, but that is extactly how rotavirus started last week for Max (even the runny nose). If you have a 24 hour store in your area go get some pedialyte or gaterade, extra diapers, wetwipes, A&D ointment, laundry detergant, hand sanitizer, and clorox cleanup. If it is Rotavirus, expect vomiting within 6 hours. It is highly contagious. And you will get sick within about 24 hours of getting the fecal borne virus in your body. Hang in there.


Kara H. - January 21

Also it will cause SEVERE dehydration. Watch out for a sunken soft spot, lack of tears and a dry mouth. Call your ped if you notice any of those things.


DownbutnotOUT - January 21

I would hold off on the pedialyte it is not recommended for children under 2 unless instructed by a DR. Also I believe gatorade and other energy drinks have warnings on them for young children not to drink, im not 100% sure on that though. When my son was really sick I would give him dilluted juice but you have to be careful not to give to much water because there blood sugar can drop (thats what my dr told me). I would go see my dr just to get it checked out.


Kara H. - January 21

Of course she should check with her ped, but if it hits their house like it hit ours, she may soon be to be too sick to get to the store herself. Most peds will tell you to withhold formula for 12 hours after vomiting starts and going give an electrolyte drink. The amount of fluid that comes out during the illness is staggering.


jillianT - January 21

well unfortunately i think kara is right. my older son and i have been throwing up all day. we can't seem to get warm enough and we are MISERABLE. oddly enough, it seems like tha baby is ok. she's had plenty of wet diapers, isn't refusing to eat and isn't all that fussy. maybe she had a lesser version of what we have. thanks for the info though.


ash2 - January 21

Sounds like rotovirus to me jilly ! Ashton had it when he was 1 years old . The most awful smell in the world ! He couldnt hold anything down and if he drank something it would go straight through him . He was doing this for like 2 weeks, and then hospitalized for a day and a half to get fluids iv. The most inportant thing to watch for is dehydration. Make sure she is making urine ( about 3-4 wet diapers or more a day ) and make sure she is making tears. Watch her lips to make sure they are not peeling of dry skin. I hope she gets better ! Has she been to the doc. ?


jillianT - January 22

ash2-- we took her in today. i was thinking we might be able to ride it out since she was doing better yesterday, but she spiked a fever today and that got me really worried. we are giving her tylenol for the fever and pedialyte to keep her hydrated. my poor baby!!! my son and i are all better today but dh has it now too (he's the biggest baby i've ever met). i feel for anyone who has been through this. it is pure HELL!!!


Kara H. - January 22

Soy formula really helps. Dairy is very hard to process during diarrhea. We are 12 days out and I am still giving him soy. His stools are still very soft, but not watery at all. I am mixing it half and half now with his regular formula. We will give up the soy all together on friday which is our 2 wk mark


jillianT - January 22

thanks kara. i'm going to try that. her bottom is getting pretty raw. i feel so bad for her. i can tell she doesn't feel good and it makes me feel so bad when i look at her sad little face. ahhhh. this is the kind of stuff that makes women age faster than men, i'm sure. :)


flower.momma - January 23

Oh yuck! So sorry! My dd and I had the same thing when she was abou 1.5 years old. It sucks. I feel for ya! Just get in bed, snuggle her and get some rest, poor you!


Kara H. - January 23

I alternated between A&D ointment and bourdoux baby b___t paste at each diaper change. I figued the A&D would comfort amd moisterize while the bourdoux's would medicate it. We didn't do to bad in that area.


jillianT - January 25

**bump for dierdra.


Kara H. - January 25

Jillian - How is your family doing? Are you guys seeing the light at the end of the tunnel yet? :)


jillianT - January 25

hey kara...thanks for thinking of us. we are all doing much much better now. ds is back at school and dh and i have both been back to work. i'm playing hookey today though (shh). dh is still having some intestinal issues, but i'm sure he'll be back to normal in no time. dd's bottom is all cleared up too. good as new!



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