Really Scared Angelcare Monitor Alarm Keeps Going Off

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AshleyB - June 22

Hi, I have the angelcare monitor -it's got a motion sensor pad that goes under the mattress and detects movements and breathing. If there is no movement for 20 seconds an alarm goes off. Well, I love this monitor and for some reason I really trust it. I've never had a false alarm and I"ve been using it for over 3 months. Ds is 6.5months old now. There's been a several times we've forgotten to turn it off when we take him out of the crib and it will go off, so I know it works. Anyway, there's been 3 times this week, that the alarm has gone off in the middle of the night. 2x in one night and again a few nights later. I ran in there, and with the alarm blaring ds stirred and kinda woke up a bit and whimpered, he seemed fine. He went right back to sleep, well about a half hour later it did the same thing. This time I picked him up and held him for a while, he seemed fine then too. (**Also I must say that he's a belly sleeper now that he's a roller-I've tried keeping him on his back but it's pointless, he just rolls right back over the second after I put him on his back, also his room gets a bit warm, lately it's been about 78 dgrs. He just wears a onsie or a diaper to bed depending on how warm it is in there.) I'm so worried that he's actually stopping breathing. Do you think he stops breathing, but then the alarm wakes him up? That's what I've been thinking. That maybe he's sleeping so deep that he stops but then the alarm brings him back? I'm so scared about sids, I'm not sure what to think. Dh just thinks the monitor isn't working right. But I don't know... Has anyone else have false alarms? For some reason I really trust that thing.....If I'm outside after he goes to bed, i'll turn it on the tic setting and blast it out the window and I can hear every movement or breath he takes, and it really has given me peace of mind. What do you ladies think?


baby-love - June 22

I'd be a bit anxious about it too. I have one too, and like you mentioned, when we forget to turn it off, it always sounds. The only thing I can think off right off hand is he might be rolling around more now and away from the pad. Have you noticed if he is sleeping in a different place than where you set him down? Maybe set the sensitivity higher if you don't already have it up. I guess I have heard that you can have false alarms this way. I have mine on the highest setting for this reason.


AshleyB - June 22

He's all over the place, but when I ran in there these times he wasn't off in a corner or anything and the pad is supposed to be sensitive to the whole mattress area. Where is the sensitivity setting? I guess I didn't think of that, I don't know what mine is set on. I'll have to check that.


mamagoose - June 22

Hi Ashley- I'm not sure, but do you think your ds might have sleep apnea? Lo's with this can hold their breath for little bursts (10-20 seconds or more) while they sleep until a trigger in their brain causes them to release their breath and breathe normally again. They can do this frequently throughout the night. If the problem with the monitor continues, and you rule out malfunction, I'd take him to the doctor. Doctors can test babies for this by hooking them up to something while they sleep that monitors their breathing.


AshleyB - June 22

He might I guess, when he was really tiny, I noticed irregular breathing when he was sleeping, but my pedi told me that all babies do that, and they grow out of it after the first couple months. But my hubby and his mother both have sleep apnea, so maybe if it runs in families, that's a very good possibility. Thanks for the idea! These are all things I didn't really think of, I've just been so worried about it I'm not thinking clearly, so I appreciate the new ideas!


K8 - June 23

Have you been to the doc recently to ask about it? i think i would die of worry if that happened to me. My friend had her baby at 24wks and when he finally came home from the hospital he had a monitor which occa__sionally went off and the beep would stun him into takin a breath. He grew out of this but i would definately get the ped to check it out, not saying theres anything to worry about but just to be on the safe side and put your mind at ease. I swore for my dd's first few weeks that she would stop breathing or hold her breathe or something, it was very scary and frustrating when hubby said it was my imagination. Maybe it was, anyways good luck.


DDT - June 23

Oh god I think having one of those monitors would drive me nuts...every beep would get me going. I think if you are that worried about sids then you should strive to keep him on his back more. Have you tried a positioner? Also, as someone has said get him checked may be sleep apnea. Keep his crib clear on any and all blankets and maybe get rid of his bumper (if you haven't already. Then I don't see how he would suffocate himself (sids) at 6.5 months old.


baby-love - June 23

The sensitivity setting is on the back of the main monitor.


chrissi79 - June 24

Mine too...and my girlfriends does that too...I guess it depends on the dd has "set it off" a couple times, but she's been in a REALLY deep sleep...the alarm didn't even wake her!!


AshleyB - June 24

THanks ladies. I am very careful that NOTHING is in his crib with him, he wears comfortable clothing, but no blankets, toys, stuffed animals, nothing in his crib with him, or near it wear he could pull anything in either. I do still have the bumper on, but he moves around so much, as it is he crushes it down and pokes his legs and feet through the slats. But I also tuck it down between the mattress and the crib too. I have turned up the sensitivity on the monitor, hopefully it is just that. We have a pedi appt on july 2nd, so I will definatly ask him about the sleep apnea. Thanks for your insights girls. I am very paranoid about sids because a close friend of mine had her baby girl 2 wks before Garrett was born and she lost her baby the night before I had Garrett, so it hits close to home, and have been close to the heartache, so yes, I am very paranoid and careful about it. Again, thanks ladies for your comments.


AshleyB - June 24

Oh, and I forgot to add, that I found out about my friends baby girl pa__sing away as my husband was driving me to the hospital to have Garrett. I was so scared to take him home after hearing about it.


brookiesmama7 - June 25

i have the same moniter, and my daughter is 5 months old and a mover. i think its from them movin so much because hers has gone off a few times since shes started movin more and sleepin on her stomach. i wouldnt worry to much. my friend told me they dont even need the alarm after 6 months because they are out of the high risk for sids. so dont worry its most likely from them movin about


Jennifer28 - June 25

Hi Ashley!! Annabelle's used to go off when she was in her ba__sinett when we had the vibration on. Also - I thought it only sounded when bby's heart stopped - not when they stopped breathing. I could be wrong, tho. Anyway, maybe there is something wrong w/ the detection system - or something is interfering w/ it. Is there a number on the box - or if you threw it away, maybe you can find some info online? Hope you get it figured out soon! TTYL.


o0LiLy0o - June 25

Its because they get very sensitive. And you have to place them a certain distance away from each other. Like the monitor and the crib. I had problems but I re-read the instructions and I figured out how to do it right. It tells you what to set it on and everything .


Cookie - June 26

Hey Ash, we also have the angel care monitor...and it would go off periodically...we stopped using the mattress portion after Mackenzie turned 3 months as she had turned into a wiggle worm (and for some reason the machine could not gage all her movement through her "big girl" mattress)...



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