Recipes Using Chicken Breasts

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missy - February 16

You all have the best recipes--you got anything using chicken br___ts? I set some out this morning and not sure what I want to make!! Thanks


sahmof3 - February 16

I like to cut them into strips or chunks and dip them in spaghetti sauce, then coat them in a parmesan and bread crumb "crust" and bake!


rl- - February 16

well one of my favs is to take Italian bread crumbs and mix some eggs and milk dip the b___sts in the egg/milk mixture and then bread them in the italian bread crumbs and then pan fry them on med heat in olive dh loves this and so do I


LisaB - February 16

In the crock pot I combine cubed cooked chx b___st with 1 can cream of mushroom soup, a bag os frozen veggies (broc, cauliflower and carrots) and a 12 oz bag od stuffing whatever flavoer you like and let it cook on low 6-8 hours high 4 hours. I make this alot cuz ds will eat it and its super easy not very gormet though. I also make chicken fajitas all you do is cut chx into stips and sautee with green peppers, onions and tomatoes then serve with fajta shells cheese, guac, sour cream, lettuce. Whatever you like really. Another easy one is bake the chx b___st with a can of cream of mushroom soup for an hour and serve over rice. Boring but again ds likes it.


piratesmermaid - February 16

Coconut curry chicken! Super easy. I like to chunk the chicken and sautee in skillet with a tbs of b___ter and a generous amount of curry powder. Cook until chicken is done, add a can of diced tomatoes, about a tbs tomato sauce, and a can of coconut milk, stir together and heat through. I like to serve it with mashed sweet potato. :)


Lchan - February 16

I have a great recipe (we are having tonight) that makes the most tender, juiciest b___st. Simply mix yogurt with a drizzle of olive oil and seasoning, coat the chicken and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Sorry I can't tell you how much to use. I just add a couple dollops of yogurt to a bowl and stir in Italian seasoning and garlic poweder (or crushed garlic.) and then drizzle a little olive oil into it so that I can coat the chicken easier. (Actually, I place in a plastic bag and shake it about.) We also do the chicken fajita thing. Oh, another good one: Campbell's brocolli cream soup and lemons. (The recipe is on the can. ) Pour the soup over the chix, squeeze some lemon and bake for 20 mins.


Lchan - February 16

rl - we love that too!! but sometimes I mix it up a bit and instead of egg, I dip the chicken in mustard and a tad of melted b___ter, and I add parmesean cheese to the breadcrumbs.


Kara H. - February 16

My two favs - 1) dice up the raw chicken and saute it in coooking spray, then add ortaga taco seasoning pack and a cup of water and make chicken tacos. We love hard shell chicken tacos! 2) Pound the raw chicken b___st wrapped in plasic wrap with a rubber mallot or the flat side of a meat tenderizer until the are a uniform thickness all over. Coat in an egg wash with few drops of hot sauce (note - it will not make it hot - just flavorful) then dredge in a mixture of breadcrumbs, parm cheese and your choice of italian seaonings and black pepper. If you choose to add salt, use a light hand as the parm cheese will add saltiness. Saute cutlets in olive oil while boiling a pot of water for your pasta and heat a jar of your favorite pasta sauce. Layer cooked pasta, a coating of spaghettii sause, the cutlet, another light coating of pasta sauce then a slice of provolone or mozzerela cheese. Heat under the broiler for just a moment to melt the cheese. I like to put everything on a family size platter then broil it all together when entertaining, but I have microwaved individual plates to melt the cheese too when in a hurry or when the oven was aleady being used.


Erynn21 - February 16

Chicken Kiev-this is easy and awesome, take some b___ter and make an herb b___ter w/ italian seasoning, garlic, pound flat the chicken b___st, slather w/ herb b___ter, take some mozzarella or jack cheese and cut up some little chunks, place in center of b___sts, roll up and secure w/ a toothpick. Preheat oven to 350, take remaining herb b___ter and add to a skillet, roll chicken in breadcrumbs, put into med. heat skillet brown and transfer to oven bake 20 min or until done. This is super easy and looks really fancy, my step dad traditionally makes this for Christmas, but I made it this year st our house for our friends it was a huge hit.


eclipse - February 16

Pesto chicken sandwiches. Put the raw chicken in italian dressing-refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. Chunk and cook the chicken through, use a little olive oil and fresh garlic. Buy or make pesto, spread on hoagie rolls. Add chicken. Put mozarella on top, wrap in foil and put in oven for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted. great sandwiches for the heck of it, for a picnic, trip to the beach, whatever. Tastes fabulous too. Or make an enchilada kit with chicken. Either way :)


soon2bemomof3 - February 16

ok you're going to think I'm crazy but I coat them in milk and egg then crunch up cap n crunch cereal really fine and dip them in that and bake on 375 for 45 minutes... tender and a little sweet. YUMMY!!!


vonzo - February 16

chicken and spinach lasagne, i had that tonight with some garlic bread YUM!!! chop up 4 chicken b___sts into chunks and fry them untill cooked, add a diced onion, then a diced red pepper, then a jar of tomato pasta sauce and cook for 10 mins, take it off the heat then add 100g of roughly chopped spinach and put half the mixture in a lasagne tray, top with lasagne sheets, add the rest of the mixture, top with more sheets then pour over white sauce and add some grated cheese, cook for 25 mins and it is DELICIOUS!!


vonzo - February 16

Oops for got to say add a tsp of chilli powder too!! :o)


missy - February 16

OMG!!These all sound so good. I'm so hungry I could make them all!!!


Smilefull - February 16

olive oil, mix w/ tumeric/curry/paprika/chicken spice into paste..rub over b___st--the chickens, not yours and put in oven for 50 min at 350*.


LollyM - February 16

yum, I'm glad I read this post =) The chicken meal that dh dies for is when I chop the chicken up into bite sized pieces and saute the pieces in b___ter, soy sauce, lemon seasoning and black pepper (sometimes I also add a little olive oil). It's kind of tangy and rich (but not too rich!) and really yummy over rice with some stir-fry stile veggies. I also like baking a whole b___st coated in lemon pepper and black pepper. It's really simple and oh so juicy if you cover the pan with foil to lock in moisture


Erynn21 - February 16

I have another one that is a hit w/ my dh and my friends, pineapple chicken stirfry, this stuff rocks, I just kinda made it up one night. Cut up chicken b___sts into one inch chunks, also cut up one red bell pepper, one small onion(use 1/2 of each itf they are huge), a couple of cloves of garlic, sometimes I add broccoli or snap peas, whatever stir-fry veggies you have. Cook chicken and veggies, splash w/ some soy sauce and pepper, take a big can of pineapple chunks, drain(save the juice), and add the juice to the stir fry, reduce down add a little teriyaki sauce and some red pepper flakes(how much depends on your own preference). At the end add the pineapple chunks heat through, serve w/ rice and you have it, yum-yum. : )



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