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Ranya - November 22

I have the Jeep Liberty stroller which doesn't completely recline to a flat position. When can I start using it with my baby? I can't wait to get her in there as I don't have a travel system and I'm tired of lugging around her infant carseat. Zein is 26 days old :)


Heidi - November 22

Can you put one of those head dealys in there like what's in the infant carseat? I know what you mean. I have the travel system and it's nice and all but I hate seeing her scrunched up in the carseat all day when I'm shopping and I was wondering the same thing. When can they lay in the stroller instead? I have an extra head deal to support their necks but I never looked to see if it can attach to the stroller. I'm sure if they're in there snug it would be okay. I'd probably stuff a couple blankets along their sides so they don't move around much. That would be nice for long walks or shopping, although Emma doesn't seem to care what she's in. She's 6 wks old and sleeps during every shopping trip we've been on!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 22

If I were you, before trying to do it in public, put her in the stroller in your home and let her stay in there for a bit. We thought the first time Amaya was in her stroller it would be easy but it took us like 35 minutes to get her just right and then when we did, she was hungry so we had to take her right back out. My stroller has the 5 point straps as well as the carseat, so when she is in the stroller it is no different from the carseat, and my stroller has the head rolls that go around her head (she now uses them for pillows while in the stroller) If the straps will not go tight enough, get the strap covers (they sell them at walmart) and put them on there, you dont have to worry as much with the stroller as with the carseat since they are not in a moving vehicle (I know its moving but ya know what I mean! lol)


Tami - November 22

my daughter is eight weeks old and last night we put her in the stroller in Target. She is very strong at holding up her head, plus our stroller reclines. We did sit her up slightly and she was just fine, looking around and loving it (until she decided she needed to eat NOW)! :) I put her in the stroller reclining when she was only a few weeks old and she was fine.


Jbear - November 22

The head roll for the carseat does work in the stroller. Mine doesn't lie completely flat but I've been using it since my daughter was born. I think the most it reclines is about a 45 degree angle.


Jadyns Mommy - November 22

I have the Eddie Bauer Vector stroller and even though it looks pretty big, Jadyn was cruisin in it as early as 6 weeks. It straps over the shoulders as well as across the lap so that along with the cushion headrest worked fine. We would also bunch up a blanket around her waste to give her the secure feeling and she was a happy camper.


Ranya - November 22

Thanks for all the advice. The stroller does have a 5 point harness and I have the cushion headrest, so I'll give it a try at home and see how it goes, she's not a very big baby!



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