Recommended Water Intake

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Toya - November 1

For everyone with babies 6 months and older who take in solid foods, how many ounces of water do you feed your babies per day?


momma - November 1

i give my daughter 4-6 oz water and 4-6 oz of watered down juice (sometimes more juice in a day) as well as 2 8 oz. bottles


Toya - November 1

Does it matter what temperature the water is?


try - November 1

cold or room temp depends on babys and your preference


Narcissus - November 1

I give Aja a 6 oz. bottle of water to drink from a few times a day, but he never wants more than a few ounces. He is most thirsty at mealtimes and always needs water with his food. He likes water more than juice. Juice gives him the runs.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 1

We still are not doing any water. She gets cereal in the morning mixed with juice and water, and then bottles all during the day and then at night a veggie and then a bottle.


Kerry - November 1

I give my girl 4 oz watered down juice a day and around 5 or 6 oz of water


Toya - November 1

Asjani doesn't sip a lot of water when I offer it to her. Right now she eats a bowl of cereal (mixed with formula) in the morning and in the evening...She gets a veggie in the afternoon; Breastfeedings and bottle feedings in between. I will try water with one of her meals. Do you offer the water in a sippy cup or bottle? Stephanie, are you making most of Amaya's food or are you buying jarred food? I am going to do both...So far, my mashed potatoes are a winner for her.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 2

I also am doing both, she loves my sweet potatoes. There are some foods you have to be careful making yourself though (carrots) and I still dont know how to make squash w/o seeds for her, and I never have fresh green beans here. I buy squash, carrots, green beans, peas and mixed veggies. I make sweet potatoes, mashed reg. potatoes, and the other day we had mashed plaintains so she got a little of that.


momma - November 2

when i make squash or pumpkin for my daughter i quarter it and cut a little below the seeds then i bake it at 350 till soft then all you need to do is puree it you might need to add water to thin it a little ... as for carrots i steam them in a crock pot with water for 30 to 45 min. then if there is any water left that is the water i use to thin it down with


and - November 2

if you make even a little bit of baby food, you can give the baby the water that you boiled/steamed the food in once it has cooled of course any nutrients that excaped from the food will be in the water and it will have some flavor to it


q - November 2

i was told that you can give babies one oz of juice or water per month of age per day


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 2

My doctor has told me since my son was born that he can have up to 2-3 oz of water per day especially if he is having a hard time going poop. He is 11 weeks now. Sometimes I give him a little bit with his food or for the hiccups, or if I think he is a little constipated. Some days I don't give him any. He does not really like it.


Toya - November 2

Asjani hates water...maybe I'll add a little fruit juice to it.



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