Red Chapped Cheeks

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angela - November 27

my daughter's face cheeks are red and chapped does anyone know what i can put on her to make it better, i've been using avenno body lotion. thanks


<Amy> (UK) - November 27

Hi, my son has it on his on his forehead aswell and it's also on the top of his chest and back. I took him to the dr who said it was just an infant rash, his was a type of baby acne. He told me to put e45 cream on it and it's been working wonders. It's safe to use but take her to the dr aswell as it could be eczma. Hope that's helped.


momma - November 27

when my daughter gets chapped i use lashinoh (lanolin cream for nusing mothers) it works great on my dd and usually after i put it on she keeps her toung in her mouth for a while (she sticks it out and lics her lips all the time) a little but of that cream goes a long way so you dont need a whole lot


to momma - November 27

where can i buy that cream i looked online at walgreens, and duane reade but they dont have it. thanks Angela


Sindel - November 27

My son had this and the nurse said to use hydrocortisone cream and eucerin to seal it in. It cleared up in a day or two.


FF - November 27

I have something called a moisturising stick.. It's called Gerber Teeny Faces and it's fragrance free. It works really well for chapped cheeks and drool rash.


monica to FF - November 27

where did you find the Gerber Teeny Faces? my son has those red chapped cheeks as well.


FF - November 27

monica- actually, I don't remember where I bought the thing... but I am sure they are available in the baby care isle of any drugstore or Wal Mart if you are in the US :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

I had seen the teeny faces stuff everywhere before I had the baby, now that he is here and has chapped cheeks it is nowhere to be found Argh!


TC - November 28

My son has that on his forehead as well. I use Aquaphor but that stuff is really expensive. I am going to look for the Gerber Teeny Faces. Monica, try looking online at the Gerber website. That is what I am going to do.


FF - November 28

The teeny faces does work great- and it's in a stick that you can use on your face and lips as well, so it does double duty :) Hope you find it!


Kerry - November 28

My girl has had it before and my Doc said just use diaper cream it help right away so I do it alot just to keep it in check more when shes teething it protects from her added drooling give it a try and let me know.



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