Red Hair

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yungmama - January 25

I have dark hair and my bf has light hair (bright blond when he was a baby). I have been told from numerous people that he may come out with red hair because of this. Has anyone experienced this?


Kristina - January 25

My mom has light brown/dark blonde hair, and my dads hair is almost black. My older brother has dark hair but both me and my younger brother have red hair. It might have been a gene factor though, because my great grandpa had red hair.


lacy - January 25

We were totally shocked when Nataleigh came out with a head full of red hair! I have dark brown hair and dh has blonde hair. But we have a few people in the family with red hair. Hair color is genetically determined, and red hair contains an iron that starts with a T. anyone without red hair DOES NOT have iron pigment. So unless you have red hair in your family, then I don't think your baby would have the gene containing that iron pigment. but then just about everyone has a couple people with red hair in the family tree somewhere!


tierney - January 25

that is the funniest thing i've heard in a long time! red hair will not form unless you have a red gene somewhere. just b/c a dark-haired person has a baby with a light haired person doesn't mean the child's hair will be red...LOL


Meredith - January 25

Okay, I did a little research real fast. I am redheaded myself so I wanted the facts. haha. The gene for red hair is recessive (Like blue and green eyes). Your baby will only have red hair if you and your bf carry the gene that graciously gives out red hair, AND that is the gene that you both pa__s on to your baby. (p.s. You do not have to have red hair to carry the gene, but you can get an idea from your family tree.) Any questions? :-)


hehe - January 25

not one person in out family had red hair until this generation! and we all had brown hair and our partners mostly have blonde, there is 4/7 kids have red hair! hehe


To hehe - January 25

I will bet you there is a gene, way back perhaps, that gives you the red hair. Red hair does not magically appear in the family. Someone, long ago, in your family had red red red hair! I would bet my life on that. hehe.


Meredith - January 26

hehe, it is called is there somewhere, it could be carried around for years and never turn up. My great-grandfather on my mother's side and my great-aunt on my father's side were the only red-heads I know of, but I happened!


Kristina - January 26

Yeah Meredith, my great grandpa was the only one known to have it in my family, both me and my little bro have red hair. His is BRIGHT red...mine is more brownish rusty red.


Mommy - January 26

DH and I both have dark brown hair and when Zane was born he had coal black hair like I did at birth. When I was pg with Logan I kept hearing "oh he has lots of hair" and automatically a__sumed he would have coal black hair, too. Well imagine my surprise when They handed him to me and he had a headful of red hair. Not he's the only blonde in our family. :o)


Mommy - January 26

Typo-NOW, not NOT lol.



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