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amberC - January 25

my dd is 6 weeks old. i noticed on her neck in the crease is red. it also has a foul smell i think lol. she wont let me clean it. when i give her a bath i clean it as best i can and i put vasaline on it thinking it was just iritated from her neck. i figured it was just from her skin rubbing. anyone else experienced this? what should i do?


ashtynsmom - January 25

I thought you were going to have a redneck joke or something on this post!! ha My family is from Arkansas... so I am always looking for good jokes to send them. Sorry I don't have an actual advice for you!! :)


vonzo - January 25

my dd has this occasionally too, its probably an acc_mulation (sp?) of sick and sweat caught in the folds of her neck, it goes red because it rubs against other skin. If she wont let you clean it in the bath try to clean it with a baby wipe when she's not paying attention or is in a deep sleep. It can get really smelly, my dd is a bit of a pukey pot and it's not pleasant :o) If it looks a very angry red or you're worried about it just ask your dr and i'm sure they'll put your mind at ease.


kellens mom - January 25

Dd seemed to get them when she was that age. Milk would work its way down into the folds of the skin...and being a new mom, I never really noticed until it was really red and hurt. Do your best to keep it clean and dry. If you can get it dry, I would suggest putting some diaper cream on it to seal out any new moisture until it has time to heal (babies heal quickly!) Right now, dd probably does not want you to touch it because it is tender. I do remember putting a tiny amount of baby powder on my finger and rubbing it in the fold just to get it dry. You do have to be careful with baby powder so that the dust does not get in her little lungs. Watch the arm pits too! We used to call all these little hidden areas her "secret gardens" On bath nights we would ask her what she was growing in her secret gardens...Somedays they let you have a look and some days they don't. Little turkeys!


flower.momma - January 25

Sounds like it could be a little yeast infection. If it is red and raw that could be the problem. Cornstarch-based baby powder can help dry the area out. I always have to wipe my son's neck because it is stinky. We call it neck-cheese, lol. He is super-chunky, so he has all kinds of folds that require some extra cleaning at each change. I have also noticed it in his armpits, which never see the light of day.


flower.momma - January 25

Sorry kellens mom, I pretty much duplicated your post. I always seem to post before reading the ones above.


amberC - January 25

lol thank you guys. i was so worried about my little chunkie monkey! lol happy its nothing to worry about it. ima have to catch her off guard to clean it better!


CaliTrish - January 25

Yeah, it's just dry skin mixed with baby drool & sweat. The key is to keep it clean and DRY like everyone's been saying. In addition to armpits, check behind the ears & knees and between fingers & toes. It's really amazing how much a baby can acc_mulate in those "secret gardens".


amberC - January 25

lol i never thought i would have this problem! after her bath today i put powder on it and hopefully it will help. thanks for all the help


Erin1979 - January 25

I used to clean the folds with a bit of saline (water will work too) and put some polysporin on with a q-tip. It was gone in a day or so.


shannan - January 25

Our son had the same problem. Our ped. noticed a red rash under his neck at his 2 month appt. He told us to clean it really well during a bath then put neosporin on it before bed. The next night wash again, and use cornstarch. He said it was just a heat rash, but its best to prevent by using a little cornstarch under the neck before bed. Good luck!



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