REFLUX Getting More Concerned

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maryl14 - January 31

ok my ds is 1 month old today and he was diagnosed w/ refluxs at 2 wks old they told me to prop up his bed i did it didn't help they told me to add cereal i did that and it worked for like 4or 5 days and now he is gagging more and more and gas is like constant my poor lo is so uncomfortable and i dont know what to do i have heard of a formula for acid reflux called emfamil A.R. now would this work if the cereal didn't ? as anyone used it adn did you still have to add cereal?


Kara H. - January 31

Sounds like your baby needs to move on to acid reducing meds. Max has been on Prevacid. It took a few weeks to see the full effect, but Wow, what a difference!


aurorabunny - January 31

I agree with Kara, sounds like meds are needed. I wouldn't mess any further with rice in the bottle or switching formulas if you don't have to, your ped will probably try your ds on Zantac to start and hopefully that will work, if not there are others....prilosec works great for my ds.


maryl14 - January 31

i hope they figure out something for him i hate seeing him like this. me and my poor dh is being kept up all night with worry that he'll choke and my hubby work 50-60hrs a week so he needs his sleep and this is his only ds and he just can't handle his painful trys or him constantly choking


bekysu - January 31

Talk to your ped. about soy formula if your babe isn't already on it. Although, I would think your ped would have switched when diagnosed. Mine did.


dee23 - January 31

6 1/2 month ds is on the ar formula and has been since 2 weeks old. it works quite well, because we took him off it and those were the worst days he has ever had. we also got the zantac and it realy upset his belly, we have tryed alot. but really u just need to wait it out. ds is alot better now, by 4 - 5 months it should get better, although it peaks around 3 -5 months. although, if it is really bad, you will have to give meds as your bubbies throat will burn and cause permenant damage.


EMBERBABY - January 31

I agree with Kara, prevacid has worked great on dd. Good luck, I know how hard it is to see lo in pain or uncomfortable.


Bonnie - January 31

If thickening with cereal did not work, the AR formula is not going to be any better. It's time for meds. Check out


maryl14 - February 3

ok i went to a different ped and they told me to try another formula other then isomil soy so i tryed the carnation good start soy formula we've been using it for 2 days now and so far he has only gaged like twice which is alot better then before so now they want to wait another week to see if he still needs meds thanks for your advice ladies


lexa - February 3

Sometimes too babies with reflux for some reason will get a protein allergy to cows milk (formula with it) and sometimes soy also. My little did. We are on the Alimentum but recently were able to switch to the Good Start regular formula. The good thing with the Good Start formula is that the proteins are partially broken down for babies if they do have a protein allergy. I agree with everyone, it sounds as though meds are now required. They won't help with what comes up however it will control the burning from the reflux therefore will make your lo a little comfortable with it. As Bonnie said, check out the website. There is a lot of useful info on there to help you.



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