Reflux And Chiropractor

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Lalla - May 26

I was at my chiropractor today and she said that alot of infants with reflux who are treated with chiropractic methods do not need the medication and don't have reflux anymore. I was wondering if anyone on here has had that experience. Thanks.


BeckyM - May 26

I haven't had that experience, but I wholeheartedly believe in chiropractics as preventive medicine. I go about 4 times a year, and my daughter will be going regularly, too. My chiro told me that babies need to be adjusted at every milestone......holding head up, sitting up, crawling, etc. so that their spine develops the proper curvature. Bottom line is CHIROPRACTORS DO WONDERS!!! And why not start there when you have a problem? It's a lot cheaper than a dr. visit. And if it helps avoid unnecessary medication, then even better.


alarsen - May 26

Now this is just my opinion but I will probably still get jumped on. I do not agree with taking babies to chiropractors. I seen a show on TV about this and it intreaged me so I did some reasearch. Babies do not need spinal adjustments. Why would anyone want to have their babies body twisted, cracked and poped. I even have a friend who is a chiropractor and thinks he can can cure everything but he even told me that it is not neccesary for babies. Im not against chiropractors and I also do not believe in unneccesarly medicating children but I would not do it. My chidren never seen a chiropractor at each milestone and are developed properly! On the show I seen a woman was bragging b/c her baby was 6 months old and has never been sick...well most kids dont start getting sick until they are closer to a year (atleast in my experience). I think that doctors go overboard with medication but I think chiropractors think they can cure the world also. Just my input.


Mel_C - May 26

I don't want to offend anyone, but I would like to offer my two cents. My husband works as an admin manager of a chiropractic clinic. Like alarsen said, they claim to be able to cure anything and everything. It drives us nuts! We took ds in for a visit and one of them wanted to adjust him, saying that his back was out in the region that relates to stomach problems/colic. Well anyway, long story short, she did and it had absolutely no effect. So who knows, but personally I don't think I'll bother again. My feeling is, why mess with something so delicate unless you have x-rays that prove there is a specific spinal problem? I mean, for adults that have injured themselves or have postural problems (a__suming the root of the problem is also addressed) I think it's probably a great thing, but it just seems wrong to me to subject a small baby to it unneccessarily. As far as reflux goes (and I could be completely wrong here), I was under the impression that it was caused by an immature stomach valve not quite working properly (?) and I'm not sure how chiropractic could address that. Anyway, that's just my thoughts and I'm sure others will disagree.



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