Reflux Babies What Formula Do You Use

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Kel - June 2

Hi all, my dd has slight reflux. She was prescribed Axid and has been on it a week and she seems much better. She used to scream and cry when she was taking her bottle and after a burp, forget it, she wouldn't drink anymore and then she started to spit up with every burp. She was just a horribly fussy baby when she ate. Since the meds, the spitting up with the burps has stopped but she still seems to spit up here and there, its like every time we put her on her back she spits up. Not as much as before the meds, but still some. I'm to the point where I feel bad putting her on her back to play. Sometimes it happens when she is sitting up. Anyway, she is currently on Similac Advance formula and I was wondering, if your baby has reflux, what formula are they on? We can't do soy, as we tried that once for a day and she puked projectile. Thanks!


lrodriguez83 - June 2

My son has reflux and is also on Axid. At first when he was diagnosed with reflux, the doctor put him on Enfamil Soy. That worked for him but at his 2 month appointment, the doctor said to put him on Enfamil Lipil. We did this and that is what he has been on since. Now we are giving him the Parent's Choice Lipil which is just like the Enfamil Lipil but it is the Wal-Mart brand and the doctor recommended it and it is lots cheaper and he does great.


Ca__sieSong - June 2

We are just getting off the Axid. She has been on it since she was 10 weeks and now she is about to turn 6 months. We use Nestle Good Start.


YC - June 2

We were on Zantac for a while for the reflux. We use Nestle Good Start also.


kimberley - June 2

I use an anti reflux formula as it is thickened....It has helped it keeps it down in her tummy. I have used S26 AR and am at present on LOVAC AR


Kendra - June 3

I've been using enfamil A.R. basically from the beginning. My daughter seems to do well with it. We also used zantac, however we've used less and less, as she's now four months old, and I think the reflux is going away! woo-hoo! Hang in there!


Amy_mommy - June 3

my baby is on Enfamil Nutramigen w. Lipil & she is doing better.......her stool stinks like there's no tomorow!



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