Reflux I Think She Might Have It

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Aussie Beck - April 21

My 4 month old daughter has always been an irritable baby. I tried to br___tfeed her but only lasted a month because she would feed for well over an hour and want to be fed only an hour later, and still be irritable! I started her on formula, and she started spitting up a lot! She spits up when i burp her, but then she might spit up quite a lot up to 3 hours after her feed , sometimes it's just like 'water' coming up! She has started to get really irritable lately and spitting up lots! And I've noticed that sometimes she will be laying on the floor happily and then suddenly she'll be arching up and crying! She seems to have very short happy spells, then she'll just start getting upset and crying. Often she will absolutely scream - and I mean scream it's ear piercing and very upsetting. I'm worried that a doc won't take me seriously because she doesn't projectile vomit - though she has done that a couple of times, and she also sleeps well at night. Has any one else experienced something similar, if so what sort of treatments are offered if it turns out to be reflux?


Happy Mom - April 21

Your b___stfeeding experience sounds normal to me. That is just how newborns feed. I was formula fed and I used to projectile vomit and I was alergic to milk. I would sceam because my bowel movements hurt so bad. My 9 month old still spits up A LOT mabye even 2 hours after a feed. Sorry hon, to me it sounds like you have a normal grumpy baby. My first was like that also and it sucks. I will think good thought for you.


Christy - April 21

It could be reflux. If she is arching a lot during and after feedings and appears to be in pain after feedings, I would say it is highly probable. My son (who is 5.5 months old) started reflux medicine (Pepsid, but he's now on Zantac b/c it is cheaper for us) when he was 6 weeks old. He seemed less irritable when he took it, but still spit up a lot. We took him off the meds at 2.5 months to see how he woiuld do, and he was back to crying all the time and being miserable within a week. SO, we went back to the medicine and he was and is much happier again. Just realize that if your doctor does decide to give your dd medication, she will still spit up. The antireflux meds help with the pain a__sociated with the acid coming up, but does not stop the stomach contents from coming up. Also, my son was exclusively bf until 4 months and now bf's and takes solids. He still spits up a lot, but happily so! :D Good luck to you!


Bonnie - April 21

It could be a lot of things, reflux is certainly one of them. There are several types of treatments depending on the severity of it. Thickening the formula is often enough as the extra weight helps keep it down. A lifestyle change meaning things like not moving baby much when she has just eaten, feeding her more upright and holding her upright after feeds, elevating beds etc. Then there are meds that can help as well. Take a look at the symptoms on the info page at


corinne - April 21

Try putting some soy milk in with the formula or getting formula that is soy. MY dd did the same thing when I started her on formula then I switched her onto soy. Now she just drinks regular milk but the soy doesn't upset their stomach like regualr formula.


Angela in California - April 21

I would disagree with Happy Mom that you just have a grumpy baby. It sounds like you have a reflux baby. My son has reflux and he does all those same things. the back arching and crying is a sign of reflux, esp when accompanied by spitting up. Try feeding more often and smaller amounts and don't lay her on her back after she's eaten. There is also medication - Zantac - she can take which reduces the amount of stomach acid she'll produce (it's the acid coming up that burns the esophagus and causes a lot of pain)


kimberley - April 22

go here The site is great, I also think your daughter DOES have reflux. Projectile vomiting only happens in a few cases, so dont think that is what is meant to happen. Your daughter may have been a silent refluxer before (didn't vomit or spill) but has now started to get worse. My DD is on medication, for reflux......she is 10 weeks old..she is a little better, but I think her medication needs changing, as she is still suffering. Please join the above site, or at least read it, the site is a life saver for me, and many many other mums.


Bonnie - April 22

kimberley, hey who are you over there?


kimberley - April 22

I am brookesmum :)


Stacy M - April 22

My 7 month old had the same problem. He had a really hard time eating and was constanly arching back. He would spit up a little but when he did he would scream. His doctor diagnosed him with reflux and put him on Zantac and Reglan (it empties baby's tummy faster). It didn't help and he started losing weight. In all, he lost about a 2 lbs. So he sent us to a GI doc. He switched his medicine to Prilosec and took him off the Reglan (he said it tends to make babies fussy). It worked wonders. I noticed that around 5 months he seemed to get a lot better. Now he doesn't have any symptoms at all, just a happy healthy baby. He is still on the Prilosec. The doctor said the usually start to wean them off at about nine months. To me, it sounds like your daughter may the same problem. I would suggest to your doctor that you think this is what it might be. Oh about the "water" coming up, that happened with mine too. His GI doc said it may seem that way b/c there's stomach acid mixed with the formula when it comes back up and not to worry about it. I know how hard it is to deal with an extremely fussy baby. But it will get better. I promise!!


Bonnie - April 22

~waves top Kimberly~...I am Mirra aka Mason's Mom now :P


Bonnie - April 22

Ehh, that was too not top. ~SIGH~



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