Reflux Or Lactose Intolerant

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moescrilla - October 22

My baby has been on reflux medication, but is still fussy/gassy all day. (gassy meaning has frequent flatulance and when I burp him while feeding him they're huge) I was mixing his formula with cereal to help with the spit up, but since I started him on medication for it (first zantac,then dr. switched it to prevacid) I took him off the cereal, thinking it may be hurting his tummy. I took him off of it yesterday. Last night he threw up while eating, and this morning after he finished eating he was sitting in his bouncy chair, and threw up. Its not a virus or anything, because he's been fine the rest of the day. I put the cereal back in his bottle, and he's been spitting up, but not nearly as bad as the "throwing up" that he did this morning (mind you he threw up his prevacid this morning) he's still fussy all day, and even when I give him mylicon after every feeding, he's still gassy. I'm beginning to wonder if possibly he could be lactose intolerant? Is there anyone that has a baby who is and how did you find out? It seems like the two issues have the same symptoms and are hard to decipher between the two. Thanks in advance, I'm at the end of my rope! I want my poor baby to be happy! I did my some Similac Isomil advance and gave him a bottle and he seemed to do fine with minimal spit up and sat in his bouncy seat for about 20 minutes before he started fussing again.


jen327 - October 22

It may be both. Sean has a hard time with milk. I tried Allementium for 1 week and it made a big difference. He only gets 1 bottle a day, but it really helped. If it does not change anything you can just go back to the regular formula. But soy is extreamly hard for them to digest.


kimberly - October 22

I don't know a whole lot about lactose intolerant but it sounds like you could be onto something. If he did better after the soy formula, maybe try it for a while and see how he does. I put my youngest son on it becuase he was very fussy and it worked well for him. Have you tried the enfamil gentilease formula or the Ar enfamil? Gentilease is for ga__sy and fussy babies, the ar is for babies who spit up. They are both milk based though.


Melissa32179 - October 22

Morgan...first sorry to hear about all of this. There is nothing worse then not knowing how to make your baby feel better. Second my daughter has SEVERE GERD. At times (when her dosage needs to be changed) will vomit up to 10 times in a 15 minute period. Sound impossible but she does. This is my advice to you....take it or not but this is my second child with GERD although I am constatly learning as I go. My daughter has been on 3 different types of meds and has had dosages changes more times then I can count since she was 2 weeks old (she is now 12 weeks old) I can always tell when it is time to change the dosage because of her behavior and signs of GERD. ANYWAY...she is now on prevacid 12mg split between am and pm. At first I did not think it was working...10-12 days later I have never had a happier baby who will now lay on her play mat...sit in her swing and get this...SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. The thing with the meds is 1). You have to give them time to work. your son has not been on it long enough 2). you have to give it to them right. ie...right when he wakes up on an empty stomach then try to wait 30 minutes before feeding him. Some times my dd can not wait that long. 15 minutes works too but 30 is so much better. At the pm dosage same thing. give it him 2 1/2 hours after a feed but then wait the 30 minutes before feeding again. My other word of advice DO NOT PLACE IN A BOUNCY SEAT AFTER FEEDING!!!! Wait at least 20 minutes after feeding to put in a bouncy seat, car seat. or swing. It scrunches up their tummies and makes them vomit which irritaes the the AR. Now I know this sounds like a lot and it too me 10 weeks to get this down...but it works. Just this morning I was late getting my older son to school and I was late on dd's meds...well we have had a HORRIBLE day with lots of vomit...crying...and hiccups. You could tell she was in pain today. So try that first...Oh to keep help him with the prevacid ask for it to be flavored. If it is a compound you will have to wait until you need a new bottle but you can mix it with formula to hide the taste or with Mylanta which by the way is a life savor. You can give that up to four times a day. My dd is 12lbs and she takes 2ml four times a day. I hope this helps....I am sure you have heard to elevate EVERYTHING and always burp. Good luck and I hope I have not confussed you. This is a horrible horrible thing for not only the poor babies but also the moms...if I hear one more time that all babies spit up I might just hurt some one!!!! LOL...good luck morgan!


moescrilla - October 23

jen- ah!!! I just bought more of the soy based formula - lol....Im trying to figure something out ...I'm at the end of my rope. oh well, I only bought enough for 5 bottles, so I'll try that one next. I have WIC, so I'm trying to find something that works before getting my dr. to write my a prescription for it so I can bring it to the wic office. Melissa - all that was great advice. He's taking Prevacid 15 mg granules in the morning (just once a day) I give it to him in a bottle, and I try to wait at least 15 minutes before feeding him, although it is very hard. When he wakes up in the a.m. he's ready to EAT!!!! I'm also giving him Reglan, which does have side effects, but he hasnt had any so far (he's been on it for almost 2 weeks) the prevacid he's only been on since saturday, but before that he was on Zantac twice a day for a week. My coworkers (pharmacists) told me the Prevacid should reach its full effect after a couple doses, but you've given me more hope. Maybe between that and the allementium or possibly the soymilk something will finaly start working. I'm reluctant to say the soymilk has been better for him than the regular milk - because he has been slightly happier - but as soon as I say that I'm sure he'll be grouchy again! lol. I think once I finish this soymilk and finaly get ahold of the dr. I'll try the allementium.


moescrilla - October 24

Melissa- how do you keep your baby elevated? If you cant put them in the bouncy seat or swing? I know you're supposed to keep them sitting up for 30 minutes or so after they eat, so how do you do that? At night I have him in his ba__sinet, which I have elevated on one side, so its at an angle, but I'm not sure now how to keep him sitting up during the day without scrunching his stomach.


kelbabe - October 24

when my friends little boy was born, he wouldnt keep any food down. he was in constant pain, trowing up all the time and smelly burps. i asked if he was lactose, but the docs thought he had reflux because his father suffers from it and it can be pa__sed down. however, nothing worked. finally the docs decided he was lactose. now he is fine. he doesnt throw up at get your littlin tested for both. as the signs are very simular


Melissa32179 - October 25

Morgan....I put dd in the bouncy seat or swing about 10 minutes after I feed her. But I wait at leat 20 minutes before I put her to bed.(she is b___stfed so she digested it faster) The bouncy seat and swing will not harm the relfux as much as it makes them vomit ( I don't even call it "spittng up" it is vomit) Ellis (my dd) sleeps in the pack and play and that is easy to elevate with towels under the ba__sinet part. She sleeps in her crib for naps and we have that elevated with pillows under the mattress and she still sleeps in her wedge thing...which helps her from slidding down. I even have her pad on her changing table elevated. BUT she is so much better now...she can stay on her playmat not elevated for up to 30-45 minutes at a time which is so nice. Give the meds time to work...I promise you if it is reflux it will work. Also I read on your other site that you put it in his formula??? I would ask for the actual medicine liquid for so you can monitor the intake better. I am really sorry that he is having such a rough time. Have you explained to his daycare workers what they have to do??? Does he have an elevated crib there??? All this needs to be constant...not just at home. And don't forget about the mylanta for during the day that really helps too...maybe that would be helpful for at daycare. They can give it to him right before he eats or right after...or every 4 hours. Ellis's med schedule is when she gets up previacid and mylanta...then mylanta at 11 am and 3 pm and at 7pm with the the previacid again. Hope this helps...I will keep checking on you. OH...just a question. What is Allementium???? Is it formula?


moescrilla - October 25

Melissa- The prevacid I have is a powder that you mix with water - its an ounce - I was giving it to him in a bottle - but it didnt work out because the granules would clog up the nipple (I even made the nipple allot bigger but it still would clog it up) a friend of mine suggested just giving it to him in a teaspoon dropper. It takes a little longer but it works perfectly. I was thinking about going back to the zantac thats twice a day because its much easier to give him and since half of his problem was the formula, the zantac may actually help him. He wasnt spitting up as bad when I was giving it to him. I need to talk to daycare about special instructions, but they said he's been allot less fussy and hasnt been spitting up. They usually but them in a bouncy chair to sleep in anyway. I just dont know how to elevate him after feeding him before I can let him lay down flat (to play with his gym, or give him tummy time) we had a rough time this morning. I'm thinking it was because he threw up the prevacid yesterday, so his medicine routine got disrupted. The soy formula has made him allot let fussy though. Just this morning he was fussy all morning. Who knows why? He cant tell me, so its all just really a guessing game. It probably did have something do with the meds yesterday. After throwing up the prevacid, I gave him the zantac, and he was fine all day, and I didnt give him the zantac last night (not thinking about what happend in the morning) and he was really fussy) so I'm probably more or less starting over again with the prevacid. Poor baby...we'll get it down eventually.


aliciavr6 - October 25

moe - my dd was VERY fussy all the time, VERY ga__sy, and seemed her belly would hurt during/after feedings, dr said to try soy when she was about 2 mos old, and it worked beautifully, no more gas (and target brand powdered soy is only $13 a can!). Mylicon didn't help her much either. I'd ask your doctor and then switch, but it'll take about 3 days for the milk to get out of his system, that's how long it took my dd, by the 3rd day she was like a different baby. Also, true lactose intolerance is very rare in babers, I think it's supposed to be called a milk allergy? same c___p to me ha. But if I were you (and i was at one point ha), i'd definitely try the soy for a week and see what happens :) Doesn't seem hard for avy to digest, at least a lot less difficult to digest than lactose, for her. Also, before we switched to soy, we had her on enfamil gentlease (only has 1/4 of the lactose as normal formula) and it was much better but definitely not great, as she was still ga__sy. Target also makes a generic brand of gentlease, if you are into the generics, cuz I know the enfamil brand is $$$. I hope I could help.



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