Reflux Sucks

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Bonnie - June 19

Just posting a little pity-party for myself for those that know my story with Mason. We had him under perfect control for the last 2 1/2 months. It seems that it is now coming back and we are going on mroe medication. ~sigh~ I was even starting to wonder if he outgrew it but now I guess I k now just how well that medicine was working. He's back to waking up at night screaming and arching away from his bottles. :( Anyway, I spoke his GI doc today and we are adding more medication to the mix so cross your fingers for me so we both get sleep again. (I really can't complain though, I;ve met a lot of peopel who have to dealw ith this soooo much worse. But still...I HATE reflux!!!) >:(


Jamie - June 19

I'm sorry. I hope he outgrows it soon.


Rabbits07 - June 19

I'm sorry to hear that. There is nothing worse than our little ones being in pain. I hope the new medicine addition will get him back to being a happy little fella...he's so cute! Do they generally outgrow it? My oldest son had it as an infant but he was given metoclopramide and within a couple of months he was better. I didn't know if it was the med that made him better or just coincidence. Do they even prescribe that for reflux anymore? (that was 13 years ago). His dr. said an underdeveloped esophageal muscle was the cause of his so maybe that was the difference. I know as moms we would take all their pain on ourselves in a heartbeat if we could.


Ca__sieSong - June 19

So sorry, Bonnie. I've been reading your reflux posts from the beginning since my dd had/has it too. She is actually off of her Axid now, but still spits up a lot. More so now again. She doesn't seem bothered by it though, so they have not given me a refill. The doc says she will outgrow it between 12-18 months. That is a long time away.... she is only 6 months now!


Bonnie - June 19

12-18 months is the most common time to outgrow it though some do have it for life. I think Mason will outgrow it. I'm not overly surprised it started up again as it peaks at 4-5 months which is where he is at. It just sucks. At least he is no where near as bad as he was in teh beginning. he did go to sleep quicker tonight with the added medication so we'll see how the night goes. I got so used to those 12 hour sleeps from him! lol I was spoiled!


Bonnie - June 19

Rabbits, I THINK (I could be wrong) the medication you mentioned is known as Reglan. Reglan is still used but they are VERY hesitant to give it out as it has some major side effects....seisures and stuff...and it happens to like 20% of the kids who take it. I dunno, something like that. But Iknow many people who have done well on it. Reglan causes the stomach to move food through it faster which reduces the spitting up because there is nothing in the tummy. Some babies have what is called DGE (delayed gastric emptying) where the food sits in the belly a long time causing reflux. They get the Reglan. Mason doesn't have that though so we haven't had to go to that medication. I am glad it worked so well for you!


Rabbits07 - June 19

oh goodness...i guess it's a good thing i didn't know about the side effects or i probably wouldn't have given it to him--sorry about all the lowers i've got lo in my arms--gage had projectile vomiting very bad when he had it. i had to wash the cover on his carrier constantly and carry around several changes of clothes. if you were within 5-6 feet of him when he spewed if he didn't get you directly the splatter would--sorry if tmi--when he started the metoclopramide his dr. showed me on a syringe how much to draw because it was such a small amount as gage was only 3 or 4 weeks old. he waqs only to take .5 ml. then when i got the rx filled and got it home i checked the dose on the bottle and pulled it up in the syringe and knew it wasn't right...the bottle said 1.5 ml. so i called the pharmacist and he told me that he didn't think it was wrong, but he would double check the script to make sure. he comes back on the phone and says "yeah, it was .5 ml. oh well, .5, 1.5, whats the difference?" and i'm thinking--are you crazy??! i was naive back then, a rea big pushover and let it go, but never would get any meds there anymore. i couldn't believe that he thought putting on there that he was to take 3 times as much as what he was suppose to was okay. anyways, gage was better within a couple of months. i feel for you having to deal with it for this long already. hopefully he wil be one of those that outgrows it. is that hereditary or just a fluke? i wonder because dh has gerd really bad. if it's hereditary i guess i should thank God that gage was the only one with it. is the adult gerd considered totally different than the infant reflux?


Bonnie - June 19

My DH gets heartburn a lot but I think more due to the c___ppy way he eats, lol. I think it is a fluke. It could always be wrose so I can't complain too much. Just frustrating when you think they are pa__sed it, KWIM? Still good so far on the sleeping tonight so we'll see how it goes. :D


Rachael mommy2lucas - June 20

I am sorry to hear it Bonnie. I found that to be thecase every other month or so with Lucas. I was getting him weighed all the time for an increase. When he was 6 mos, we changed from zantac to prevacid since there was nowhere else to go with the zantac. he is 10 mos and we are weaning him off so it does get better!


Kel - June 20

Bonnie, I feel you! My dd was doing great for the last week or so. WE started Dr. Browns' bottles and it helped tremendously, they we tried the RTF formula and it went down better (why I don't know) then this weekend, it went down hill again. I hope Mason does better with the meds. Poor baby!


nic nac - June 20

Aww Bonnie. I will join your pity party. I hope things get better soon. I can't offer advice in this department just hugs. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed.


Narcissus - June 20

Bonnie, there's nothing wrong with feeling sorry for yourself :( .... I hope Mason gets over this soon. It's hard to see our babes sick and suffering no matter what name it has.


KRC - June 20

Hi bonnie, Hope you remeber me. Thanks for all the support you gave me when i posted my question about my LO spitting up. I really feel sorry for you. Wish I could be of more help. Have patience ( i know its easy to say) and mason will outgrow it soon. goodluck.


Bonnie - June 20

I definately remember you have things been going for you? Luckily Mason is not as bad as he used to be, it just sucks that it's coming back again. At least this time around we kow what it is and can get him on more meds to stop it. KWIM? :)


nic nac - June 20

what is KWIM?


Rabbits07 - June 20

know what I mean


Rabbits07 - June 20

it took me a while to figure that one out, too ;-)



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