Refusing The 3rd Nap But Needing It Sleep Problems

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DDT - October 19

My ds is 8 months old and recently changed his nap schedule. He now wakes at 6:30-7am, needs a nap by 8am but I stall till 9am. He sleeps for 30mins-1hr. Then he's ready for another nap at 12pm and sleeps for 1-1.5hrs. He is yawning by 3pm. I stall till 4pm. He refuses to nap! I think I'm going on for the 3rd or 4th day of this (awake from 1-7pm). He plays in the crib for 15-20mins before starting to whine and cry. I've tried PU/PD but he thinks its playtime. I've tried CIO for 10-15mins with no luck. By 6pm he is SO tired he's passing out. It seems he's tired throughout the day and fussy for about 75% of the day. I'm dealing with a child that refuses to sleep or sleep long enough. What other method can I try? Thanks.


Gretta - October 19

Hi DDT - My dd is 7.5 months and sounds like she is on the same schedule as your little one - and she has been the same way around her afternoon nap and know what I think it is? Teething - she has yet to pop one through and she is visibly teething and uncomfortable and it gets worse about that time so if I giver her a bit of tylenol she falls asleep for her afternoon nap and again around her 6:00 bedtime but if I don't give it to her she fusses and than fusses at bedtime too. Has your lo got a tooth yet?


DB - October 19

Can you try to put him down earlier to bed when he refuses the 3rd nap? I believe in Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child he says by 9 months you should drop the 3rd nap, BUT, he recommends a temporarily early bedtime to compensate for the dropping of a nap. Caden's usually in bed by 7pm right? Maybe make his bedtime 6pm and see what happens? Maybe if he's getting better rest at night his naps may go smoother? I'd bed he'll still sleep til 6:30-7am. Audrey likes 13 hours of night sleep. Last night she stayed up til 6:45pm (thanks to a THREE hour afternoon nap) and she still slept until 7:45am (after a 5:45am botttle)...oh yeah, have you tried giving him his bottle first thing and putting him immediately back down? I used to keep Audrey up, but she'd be tired after 30 mins so now I at least try to get her back to bed and 90% of the time she goes and gets another 30min-1hr (on an avg. day). ugh...I know the feeling of the ALL DAY crabby sucks!


KimS - October 19

Hey DDT, Logan did this too when he went from 3 naps to 2, what I do is he's up usually 7, he is often yawning at 8, but like you I stall until at least 9 sometimes 9:15, 9:30 sometimes.. he sleeps for 1 - 1.25 hrs, then I stall his afternoon nap until 1 - 1:30, then he sleeps until 2:30 - 3, then bed time at 6:30. When I was getting to this, I often would go for a walk to keep him awake, it took him a week or so but now he's adjusted, some days when he doesn't sleep well in the afternoon, he's up at like 2.. I try to nap him again but to no avail, so like DB said on these days he goes to bed earlier, and he still sleeps until somewhere between 6 and 7... in the evening which is the longest stretch from 2:30 - 6, I run errands and such to keep him occupied, I have supper at 5, bath at 6 - bottle at 6:20, asleep by 6:30. I found when I started this, that he would pa__s out taking his bottle in the evening and made putting him to bed really easy... I have been afraid that he won't be able to go to sleep without it, but he doesn't get a bottle before his naps and he has no problem falling asleep.. Good luck!!


DDT - October 19

Thanks ladies you saved my life! lol! I get the general idea that I should make bedtime earlier. Df is not going to like that...he sees Caden from 6-7pm. Oh well, for the sanity of all! I put Caden down at 6:30 tonight. He was DEAD tired. I will try that for a few days and then if it doesn't work I'll see if 6pm makes a difference. Thanks again!! Also KimS: Thanks for the tips on nap times. He has got me so confused with those! So, naptime at 9:15am, and then again at 1:30pm. Here's hoping!


KimS - October 19

Good luck DDT, I found that I for a couple of weeks the bedtime had to be early, but now I've started to push it and so that it's getting closer to 7.. so hopefully you can tell your df that you can do that too once Caden adjusts..


madison - October 19

DDT, I know how you feel! Those long afternoon stretches can be hard. My 7 month old dd is already down to 2 naps, sometimes 3 if I can get her to take a cat nap in the late afternoon but it doesn't happen very often. Like Kim said, I try to run errands and we always go on a late afternoon walk so she is outside and not as crabby. Her bedtime is not until 8 so it's a long stretch from when she wakes up from her afternoon nap. I'll put her down around 7:30 if she is super cranky and tired. But, like you, dh doesn't get to see her much after work so I try not to put her down too early for bed. She wakes up around 6:30-7am. Hoping one day she'll get to the 12 hour mark but isn't there yet.


starlight_94 - October 20

My ds only takes 1 nap now, from 1pm -3pm, but he did that himself. I dont pt him down untill he cries and I know he will fall asleep. His new thing is standing in his crib so he wont fall asleep, anyway, Try waiting unitl 10 for his morning nap and 2-3 for his evening nap. He might take longer naps and then not need a third and still go to bed the same time??!! Just a thought


DDT - October 20

Well, I don't know if its coincidence or what...but I put Caden down at 6:30am last night instead of 7pm. He woke up at 7am! I put him down at 9:15am for his 1st nap and he's still sleeping! It's been 1.5hrs already. Can it be this easy...please let it be this easy! lol! He's usually awake after 45 mins max. Well, I will put him down for his 2nd and final nap at 1:30pm. Hopefully he sleeps for a good stretch. I think having only 2 naps a day will work out so much better. The biggest thing for me is that he didn't wake up this morning just screaming...he played in his crib for 5 mins before whining. He used to do that until this change he made to his routine. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next few days to see if this new routine works.


KimS - October 20

Yippee Caden.. and you too DDT!! hopefully it was that easy!! I know that for a couple of weeks with Logan if I put him to bed at 6:20 it was easy but 6:30 he was histerical... it's amazing how only 10 min can make such a difference..


starlight_94 - October 20

GOOD LUCK!!! I think that my ds did much beter on 2 naps instead of three, b/c he didnt get enough sleep with them. Hope it stays this way, also I wanted to say that I wait until 9-9:30 for breakfast. It seems to keep him going for a little longer before his first nap....and he doesnt mind. You could try that too!!


DB - October 20

YAY DDT!!! I swear Audrey's been sleeping SOOO well lately, even naps! I really HATE that she goes to bed sooo early, but she sleeps beautifully!! And like Kim said maybe you can get him back to 7pm-his naps may get longer. Audrey's are usually at 9am-2hours and 2pm-1.5-2hrs...then bedtime at 6-6:30pm. I hope it keeps up for you!! Hopefully he'll be back to a happy baby in no time!!


mamagoose - October 20

I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon way after the problem has been hopefully solved, but I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in! I was having the same problem with Tyler, and I also made his bedtime earlier (6:30pm), and it solved our problems immediately. I think the early bedtime is the solution.



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