Refusing The Bottle

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galvquodi - June 17

My baby girl used to drink expressed milk out of a bottle (dr. Brown's) in the evening (so my hubby could feed her) and somethimes when we would go out. She had been doing that since she was about 5 weeks old. She is now 11 weeks old and eats a bit at the bottle but after a few ounces, fusses and then refuses it alltogether! What the heck is going on?


joeysmom - June 18

My son did the exact same thing at the exact same age. It's so weird. But, I just kept b___stfeeding until he could take a sippy cup. He started taking a sippy cup at about four and a half months old. I tried a million different ones, and the best one that worked was the Avent, it's says 6m+ spout and soft-sip. You could try that, however I don't know if eleven weeks is too young it says they can start as little as four weeks, but babies r smart. My son will take a everything but formula out of a sippy cup and we absolutly refuses to take a sippy cup if I am giving it to him.


^lucy^ - June 19

my baby girl does the same but with formula milk.. sometimes i give her formula in bottle at an average of twice a week cz i want her to get used to the taste since i'll be going back to work soon and cant see her during the day for more than 10 hrs.. im b/f now exclusively and when i pump b___st milk in a bottle she'll take it.. but formula,, she'll keep pushing and crying until she gets it that its either formula or nothing :P poor baby.. probably ur baby is fussy cz ur using a slow flow nipples? maybe its taking her time to finish her milk and since now she's older she's moe hungry and wants to eat faster.. if ur stil using the slow flow ones,, try a faster one maybe it'll work.. just an idea cz i didnt go through this so i cant help u more :) GL with ur baby


krnj - June 19

Hi my ds also did that. We are using the dr Browns bottles as well. Have you switched nipples at all? I switched to the Level 2 nipple & he seems better. Good luck!


galvquodi - June 19

Wow... Thank you very much for you iimput. It got worse. Now she will scream at the sight of it!!!! I tried another type of bottle (playtex natural latch nipple slowflow) because it is recommended for b___stfeeding but I will try medium flow and see what happens. I am really worried because I am going back to work in August and what is she going to eat if she doesn't want the bottle???? I may try sippy cup but she'll still be young...



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