Reintroducing Pacifier While Breastfeeding

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Nita_ - January 11

Wanted to know if anyone has given pacifiers to their babies while br___tfeeding..i.e., i've had terrible time early on with my lo latching caz she got both a bottle as well as pacifier in the hospital. So now I dread even the thought of a pacifier!! But both my inlaws and now my dh are talking about one and I just don't like the idea!! She barely drinks 5mts at each feed, so am afraid it will make her drink even lesser or refuse the br___t all together. I do give her a bottle a day with my milk so she can still drink from a bottle for the time when i & dh go out leaving her with my inlaws. What are your experiences? Did anyone have any trouble with br___tfeeding? I want to feed her for at least one yr, she's 6 months now. Also was it hard to get rid of the habit of pacifier if we do introduce it now? I dont want her to be walking around with one at 5yrs!!


meg - January 11

My ds just turned 4 months & is b___stfed & also takes a paci. It took him awhile to actually start taking a paci (he was about 8 weeks), but now he loves it....& so do I! As of yet, he does not seem to have any nipple confusion. I should also mention that he takes several bottles of pumped milk during the day while I am at work as well. Good luck!


18wbabynov - January 11

my dd wanted a pacifier from day one... she seemed obsessed with sucking! but because i was nursing, i told the hospital not to give her a bottle or pacifier... well, the next day, i finally broke down and asked for one- since then, it's her new best friend (almost 8 weeks old). so, since her 3rd day of life she has had one, still nurses, also takes 3 bottles during the day, and has not yet shown any signs of nipple confussion. it's totally up to you, but it can work.


olivia - January 11

Chances are at 6 months your dd won't take it if she hasn't already. They usually are pretty set in their ways by then. Our ped. recommended taking them away by 7-8 months if you have an adversion to seeing them in kids mouths. Why does your husband and inlaws want to introduce it now? Is your dd still rooting around to suck on things? Does she suck her thumb? I wouldn't worry about her becoming an addict at this point, but if she is acting hungry a lot and you have not started cereal you might wan to think about starting the rice now that she's old enough.


krc - January 11

well ethan is 5 1/2 months old and still exclusively b___stfed. He gets no bottle whatsoever because I never go anywhere, LOL !! But night_tme is getting difficult the past few days because he's going thru a phase ( we co-sleep ) where he wants to stay latched all night. Of course this means miserable sleep for me so I thought maybe I could get him introduced to the pacifier but he just takes it out of his mouth an inspects it, LOL !!! When I do put it in his mouth he doesn't know he has to suck on it so it just kinda hangs out!! LOL


Nita_ - January 12

olivia--my lo is having rice cereal twice a day for about 2 months now. She doesn't act hungry, in fact she only drinks if she is really hungry. otherwise she just bluntly refuses milk! She does constantly do the sucking thing with her mouth, you know like she's sucking her tongue..dont know if that's because she's teething or something. She has found her thumb, so does suck on it occasionally, but otherwise its all her fingers and sometimes arms!LOL! my mil is saying that introducing the pacifier will reduce trouble later that she'll always want to suck my b___st even to fall asleep and what not. that sucking on her fingers, teething toys etc will decay her teeth. my dh was on my side all this while caz he remembers what we/I had to go through the 1st couple of months, but now with them always bringing it up, he wants to give it too. Finally last night at dinner table, she was fussing in her high chair not wanting the teething toy or nothing, so I finally gave in and brough the pacifier that we got at the hospital. I was almost at the verge of crying as I didnt want to watch! :( it was painful just thinking back to the early days when I was tyring to feed her for hrs on end every day and NIGHT! krc---yes, my dd didn't know what hte heck it was and she was inspecting it as well...she actually put the reverse side in her mouth as its kinda harder than the soft nipple!


Nita_ - January 13



olivia - January 13

I don't think she'll ever become and addict at this point. I could be wrong, but it seems late. Late for nipple confusion at this point too. Some babies do suck their tounges which is a replacement for the pacifier or thumb. That could cause nursing problems itself. I'd say you're probably dealing with a 6 month growth spurt, or teeth. If you don't want to do the pacifer just don't push it. Or give it to him around your in-laws but not at home. Good luck! Gotta go... crying babies.....



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