Returning To Work So Sad

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Heidi - December 11

Please tell me going back to work is going to get easier. I have the option of staying home and doing transcription but I've been trying to do it this week and it's so hard trying to make time even as much as Emma sleeps. I find myself cleaning the house instead cus I can't stand a messy house or the dog is bugging me to go out or play with him or someone shows up and Emma wakes up and they won't leave! I'm trying to tell myself that working 7am-3pm is going to be better for me cus then I don't have to worry about any of that stuff. When I get home at three It's all Emma time after that and nothing else. I won't do all the cleaning as I'll have DH help but I think that if I stay home he'll just think I'm gonna clean the house and all that c__p and then not help me with Emma when I need to get working. I'm just going to miss her so bad!!! But I have friends tell me they couldn't wait to go back to work to get back into the social ring and I just don't feel that. I hate that it's winter and I can't even take her and the dog for a walk or go anywhere cus it's too cold out. But I need to work either way and my job pays really good and has great benefits and my boss is really flexible. I don't know if I have post partum depression or I just don't want to leave Emma. Everyone says she'll start getting bigger and I'll WANT my time away at work!!! I just don't know what to do. I just had to vent. I guess if I really hate work I can always quit and stay home and do transcription but finding time to do 40 hours a week and take care of her is really hard and trying to get the DH to sit with her after he gets off work is going to be hard too as I can already hear him saying, you should have just went back to work so you could enjoy your time with her instead of worrying about cramming work in here and there between naps and all that jazz. And she'll stop napping as much so I have to worry about that too. Ahhh!! Calgone!!!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 12

It is hard to go back to work. I had to do so when Lucas was 6 weeks old. He stays with family, so I am lucky in that aspect, but it realy does get easier. Everybody kept telling me that, and I didn't beleive them. I hold the medical benefits and work for a really good company. We cannot afford me to stay home, so it wasn't even an option for me. I am hoping to be able to go part time in a few years. Some days it is nice to go to work, but most of the time I wish I were with my son. I know I miss him more than he misses me, but that does not make it easier som days. Good luck with your decision!


Heidi - December 12

I wish my family could watch her. I wouldn't have a problem going back to work then but it's just not possible for me :(


karen - December 13

I know how you feel. I am back to work too. I almost cried at work about 6 times , had to hold ot together. Then my boss ask me how I was doing. Tears came to my eyes. :( . Boke the speed limt getting home and squezzed him to death when I got home. I am working 9 - 3 for now. It is really hard. He is at home with my grandmother so I feel a lot better knowing he is in good care


Kerry - December 13

Hey guys I too will be returning to work in March I know it's going to be so hard I work at a retirement home so I work 2 weeks day shift then 2 weeks evenings so it will be so hard to be away from her Luckly my Mom is able to watch her so I know she's in good hands and my husband will be home with her at night but I still hate the thought of it .As a mother we all know our babes little qurks and it's hard to leave them afraid that the caregiver won't know their wants but in one way I do miss the social a__spect of work. I'm already counting the days I'm lucky that I got to be off the full year ,I go back a few days after her first B- day.


lisa - December 13

hello heidi, im going back to work for three days in april when jasmin will be 5 months, she will be at a nurseruy 2 days with my husband the other, i figre its good for her aswell as me even though i dont want to


karen - December 13

Well today I had a good day. Did not cry. I callled to check on him about 3 times. 1 less than yesterday. HE held his bottle by himself and I missed it. Plan on giving my grandmother outr camra so we can capture those missed moments.



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