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Steph - February 15

Just wondering, are you able to notice your twins having different personalities yet? Do they sleep in the same crib for closeness? Also, do you a website with any pics we can see? So you like all my questions!! LOL! :o)


Rhiannon - February 15

Hey Steph. I love answering questions about my twins. Hmmmm. Different personalities...Hell Yes. Elora is a crazy baby. She loves to scream for fun and she is already grabbing at the cats. Carys is a bit more laidback. She loves to watch us do things and she just ignores the cats. When Elora wants a toy of Carys' she will grab it and Carys will give it to her. They were in the same crib for the first 4.5 months, but they got too big. Every morning I put them in the same crib for a couple of minutes and they just smile at each other. It is so sweet. Website: myspace-.com/-carysand-elora. Just take out the dashes. Those pictures are a bit old because of a family fight so we stopped updating. If you are interested in TONS of pics you can email me at p.n.r at rogers.com and I will send you a link to our yahoo photo album. (no dashes) Take care I hate the stupid no email rule.


Steph - February 15

OMG!! They are sooooo cute!! Very, very pretty little girls!! The first couple of months must have been killer on you! Trevor is 7 months and Myia is 8 years....so I'd forgotton how hard a baby is, I can't imagine having two of them! Was it pretty hard to get them on the same schedule? I'm on my way out the door to take Trevor to the doctor AGAIN, but I'll email you...I"d love to see more pictures! :o)


Rhiannon - February 16

Haha. I don't remember the first couple of months. I was thinking the other day about how I missed autumn (my favorite season). They are sleeping through the night now (12-13 hours) and we are sooo lucky. We started them on the same schedule right from birth so it was easy. But there was a couple of months when they would nap at different times duringthe day. One would fall asleep and literally the same minute, the other would wake up. Thanks so much for the compliments. I think they are really pretty too. How is Trevor? I hope he is OK.



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