Rice Amp Pears Forever He Hates Everything

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Narcissus - November 2

What to do? Aja only likes rice cereal and pears. He makes a nasty face (repeatedly) at all veggies. I tried oatmeal cereal a few times and he hates that as well. He can't live on rice and pears his whole life. Jeez, he won't even eat Cheerios. What baby does not like Cheerios?! Is anyone else the parent of a picky eater? What tricks do you have up your sleeve, or do you feed them the same food at every meal?


Jadyns Mommy - November 2

How funny, Jadyn is the exact opposite. She will eat all veggies but the minute I try any fruit, she just uses it as ammo for her spit bubbles and it ends up down her chin and on her bib. As long as she is eating, I am not too concerned and I read that forcing them to eat it will make them dislike it even more so I just make a new attempt each week and think eventually she will get sick of squash, peas, carrots and potatoes and actually enjoy some applesause or pears! Good luck :-)


BBK ® © - November 2

Hmmm, have you tried "Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco" or maybe a flamebroiled Whopper jr? LOL....seriously though try different vegetables and you have to kinda keep at it. Don't give up easily.... so I'm told anyway. Who knows, I'll probably be looking for ways to feed that stuff to Anna in a few short months.


Mary Overdue - November 2

This is an article from CNN that may help you out (delete any dashes) http://www.cnn.com/2005/HEALTH/parenting/10/10/baby.food.myths.ap/index.html. Basically it says that It's time to discard everything you think you know about feeding babies. It turns out most advice parents get about weaning infants onto solid foods -- even from pediatricians -- is more myth than science. It is a very cool article about how we can feed babies most foods as long as they like it. maybe Aja likes spicy food, really.


Narcissus - November 2

Thanks. I ate spicy burritos every day for 5 months of my pregnancy. Maybe that's why he hates bland baby food? I am worried about him developing food allergies so I limit what he eats. Only four months longer and he can finally eat the good stuff in life. Mary, are you still pregnant, lol?????? I went to your site the other day bc I was thinking of you. I was amazed to see you have not given birth.


Mary overdue - November 2

Yes I am almost 41 weeks now! I will be induced on Monday night. You should really read the article, E. There is no reason to wait 4 months to feed him the good stuff. Much of what we know about feeding babies has not been proved by science, it is all speculation. I will feed my little one all types of food as soon as I can. He will be an epicurious little fella! :)


Narcissus - November 2

Monday? I am marking my calendar:) I just don't know anymore. I read the article, but I am always cautious of quoted science from the media. They often cite incorrectly. I wish I had time to meta-a___lyze all the journals myself, but who does? I am nervous to introduce soy, no doubt bc we are vegetarian and if Aja develops a sensitivity to soy, we are screwed. Spices don't scare me. I am at a loss as to what to do anymore. I have seen many conflicting reports about when/what to serve to a baby, so I always err on the side of caution.


karine - November 2

Mash a little carrots or peas. and mixed it a little with the rice cereal. He may not make the difference. BUT only try a very small amount..and if he eats it...increase the amount daily


desiree - November 2

My son, 7 months, will only eat squash and sweet potatoe!! Hates oatmeal now, and only 2 weeks ago he LOVED it!! He shivered with disgust when I gave him peas and gags on any other baby food!! I fed him avacado a while ago...didn't like it!! He likes pickles, though. I guess we have to keep trying! Keston had fresh mango, and seemed to like it. I will try again tomorrow! good luck!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 2

Amaya is not picky at all, but when we first started solids she would only eat swee potatoes. We would have to give her a bite of sweet potatoes and then a bite of green beans or whatever. We have learned now that she does get an upset tummy with carrots, and she would get so mad when I tried to feed those to her but again I though it was b/c it wasnt sweet potatoes. You can always try that or even try mixing pears with some veggies and mix less and less as time goes on. I too am so afraid that she will develop some sort of allergy that she was on each veggie for 2 weeks at a time. I still have not started fruits b/c I am so afraid she will not want any veggies. OH and about the cheerios, try Gerber Biter Biscuits. They have a taste between graham crackers and animal cookies(I taste everything before she does). I am not sure if he has teeth but with these they cant bite chunks of them off so it does get a little messy but he wont choke! If he does have teeth and can chew things they have biter crackers or something that are about the size of cheerios but a different taste. Amaya LOVES the biscuits (they were her halloween candy!)


Narcissus - November 3

I steamed a fresh, organic sweet potato last night and mashed it into chunks. He had the cutest look of disgust that I have ever seen. We were laughing so hard! He ate it once we pureed it. Anyhow, the potato was delicious compared to his baby food. It was naturally sweet and yummy, unlike jarred foods. I think I will start preparing his foods. I mashed a fresh banana as well. It blew the jarred banana to bits.


Liana - November 3

My baby used to only eat fruit and rice cereal and despised all veggies!! No matter how much I tried. This may sound like a fairytale ending, but eventually she just started eating them!! greenbeans, carrots,... I don't know if her taste changed or what but now she loves tomatoes!!!



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