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denimbutterfly - November 19

when is the earliest everyone started giving their lo rice cereal?


L1NDZ - November 19

Thanks for asking this question. I'm hearing that the new thing is exclusively bf or formula until 6 months....but my lo watches us eat all the time...and I'm wondering if he needs more? Also, if you are introducing rice cereal...how long after until you start introducing solids (bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, etc.)?


javidsgirl - November 19

depends on what your pedi recommends. i started giving my lo at just a little over 3 months because the pedi said she was ready for it always consult you doc before starting on solids


javidsgirl - November 19

the pedi told me i could start my lo on bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, etc possibly after her next appointment she goes back for next set of shots in december she will be alittle over 4 months


denimb__terfly - November 19

I have had the same pedi for over 10 years- at my son's appointment he said I could at 4 months. But, I remember with my first (who was a HUGE baby) that I did it earlier- I think it was between 2-3 months (I did not start other foods until about 4 months with him). I know I have been reading 6 months lately, but I don't understand the change. I read that part of it was so that it would be less time for us spoon feeding them-- they will be able to do it themselves pretty soon after starting the food. If that's the only reason (besides stomach digestion- which I think is an individual thing anyway)-- I have no problem being the one spooning! I just want to hear others opinions and what they have done.


DDT - November 19

4.5 months with cereal, 5.5 months with fruits & veggies


DDT - November 19

"They" say to wait until 6 months because a baby's digestion hasn't matured yet. But like you said this isn't the case with every baby. I also think "they" say to wait till 6 months because of the fear that the baby will not be drinking enough formula or BM if you start introducing solids early on. My ds never had a problem with gaining weight and eating/drinking so it was never a concern for me. Even now he is on the high end of formula intake for his age (24oz & 9 months old) and he eats 3 meals a day. I believe that if your baby shows an interest in solids, is waking up to feed numerous times by 4 months of age, and/or s/he is drinking more than 45-50oz a day then its time to start solids. Personally I would never start solids before 4 months though.


javidsgirl - November 19

well denimb___terfly since your experiance mum and have already talked to your pedi about it i would go with what works for you and your baby


sfrog68 - November 19

I had to start at 7 weeks. My dd's ped has her on cereal every feeding now and that started at 10 weeks.


kristine - November 19

I b___stfeed and I started my son on rice cereal at 4 months and fruits and veggies shortly after, with my pediatrician recommendation. He was definitely ready for food, and still nurses like a champ! We just made sure to take it slow...introducing one new food every 3-4 days.


wailing - November 19

I exclusively b'feed and wanted to wait until 6 months but my lo was VERY ready for solids. He showed all the signs and then some (doubling weight, watching us eat, chewing w/ mouth). I started at 21wks. But, we only give him 1TBLSP once a day of the cereal. I may introduce Stage 1 veggies and fruits in a few wks.


excited2bemama - November 20

I actually started my lo on fruits around 5 months- only like one a week or so. She was teething and wanted something cold and juicy to suck on so we put apples and pears in a mesh feeder. She is 5.5 months now and I started oatmeal this week- Only a few times a week. She gets either a fruit or some oatmeal every couple of days. I didn't do rice cereal. I personally would never start solids before 4 months either.



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