Rice Cereal When

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sam - December 22

when can I start adding rice cereal to baby's bottles?


erin - December 22

my pediatrician gave the go, and i started at 2 months...just one tablespoon in four oz. of expressed milk/formula, once a day. ask your pediatrician what they think in your case.


Stevens Mom - December 22

I would speak to your childs Dr. about that! When I went for my sons 3 1/2 month appointment I was told to give it to him on a spoon not in his bottle!


T. - December 22

I started adding cereal at 3 months because my baby ate every 2 hours on the dot. Even before sometimes, so I started adding it and she still pooped fine with no constipation. Her ped. said not to give her too much, so he was ok with me giving it to her.


Narcissus - December 22

Enfamil AR Lipil has rice starch added already, if you use formula. You can start that from birth if needed. It's good for babies who spit up frequently.


Amy - December 22

My Dr. said to start it at 3 weeks old if I felt like the baby wanted/needed it. I added it to his bottle and he did great. Now at 5 weeks he eats it with a spoon.


KFish - December 23

My pediatrician reported NEVER give rice cereal in a bottle as it is a choking hazzard and he also recommended not to give any solids until the baby is at least 4-5 months old


Toya - December 23

Cereal is meant to be eaten from a spoon. I wouldn't recommend putting anything in a bottle other than milk. I also wouldn't recommend solids until 6 months of age. Most pediatricians agree that it is not necessary.


TC - December 23

Sam, when you ask a question like this you will always get very conflicting answers. Talk to a nutritionist who sees your baby or your baby's pediatrician. These people are the best people who could tell you about your baby bc they have seen them and a___lyzed them.


Nini - December 23

Sam you can give your baby rice cereal when ever you fill that baby might not be getting to full with just milk.I gave my baby cereal in a bottle every once in a while when she would spit up to much,but for the most part i feed her in a spoon and she is 5 months and been doing it since she was 2 1/2 months.Everybody has thier own opions and sometimes docs dont know what they are talking about,i really dont believe in waiting untill baby is 6 months old some babies need it way before then.good luck.


Nini - December 23

Remember that you know your baby better than anybody on here and you will definitely know when he/she needs it and if you can't tell than baby is probaly fine with milk.


Narcissus - December 23

Wow... Just goes to show that one answer is not always the correct answer. My ped recommended rice in my babes bottle, for his reflux. How could it possibly be a choking hazzard????? Anyhow, check w/ your child's pediatrician and bypa__s this place for advice about feeding your infant.


TC - December 23

I agree with the bypa__sing. I ask a lot of questions about my baby but how to feed him is a decision that I need to make with my dh and ped.



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