Rice Cereal Upsetting Tummy Okay To Switch To Oatmeal

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Carole - October 11

Hey there! My lo is 4 1/2 months old. Has his checkup and dr. put him on cereal and fruit 2x a day. He is already 18lbs 7oz, so trying to back off formula a little bit. Anyways he has had it for the last week or so and I believe his tummy gets upset from. He is not a screamer and every evening after eating, he would just scream a pain scream and have lots of gas. I wonder if the rice cereal doesn't agree. He has also changed sleeping habits in this time as well. Yesterday, didn't give him anything but formula and we had no screaming episodes lastnight. But his caregive today says that he is hungary and missing the cereal. I was thinking about getting some oatmeal cereal instead. Anyone else use this one. And on top of that he broke out in tiny spots all over from Bananas. So no bananas for him anytime soon. Any input would be appreciated. Just want him to be satified and not have a hurtin tummy. Also a little more rested sleep for him would be nice. Yeah right! Not sure if that is happening with this one. My dd slept through the night at 8 weeks and never looked back. Not ds though! I hope it changes soon. :)


alida - October 11

Rice cereal can be very binding and oatmeal may work better for him...my dd seemed to like the taste better. Are you sure he's ready for solids? If so maybe cut back just a bit until he gets used to it. Formula should still be his main source of nutrition and the food at his age should just compliment it unless your dr. has told you something different. GL


beth1975 - October 11

I switched to oatmeal for the same reasons with my son. So much better!!! And healthier too!! I say make the switch.


wailing - October 11

I agree w/ ALIDA. Solids at this time aren't supposed to be their main source of food. They need formula or b___st milk until they are 1 yr old. My 4 month old went thru this recently and all the books and dr's said that it could either be teething or a growth spurt. They go thru one at 19wks. It disturbs their sleep and eating habits.


suze42 - October 11

i am also introducing my DD to solids at 3mos...i did it w/my son successfully..also keeping formula/b___st milk as the main source. That being said....my DD 3mos has also had a fe w restless nights after rice (only about 1tbsp) so i stopped for a couple of nights since its only to get her ready for it. (she is eating 6oz of formula every 2hrs..) So i understand your question...is it the rice? i think the next "grain" is barley? but double check. and maybe feed it every other night...the idea of introducing solids is just that..introducing. So the primary source of nutriion is still the b___st milk or formula. So just try a little here and there..and remmeber to introduce veggies b4 fruits.... good luck


suze42 - October 11

and sorry for the typos..im not a moron...im just a MOM....LOL!


Carole - October 12

Thanks for all of your answers.... yes, he still does get 35 oz of formula a day as well, so no worries there! His sleep is completely wacky and he was doing pretty well. Lastnight he was up all night every couple of hours, very restless and its driving me nuts. Can't figure what it is. I used to not hear a peep out of him for 7-8 hours. I did get the single grain oatmeal lastnight and I think he liked it better too. So I guess maybe he just needs to get used to it. He does really well with the spoon now too, so I guess we keep plugging along. I just hope his sleep gets back to being more solid. He still has one feeding at night but I feel like I got up 10 times lastnight to comfort him, give him a paci, rewrap him. I don't know. Then I peek in at my 5 1/2 yr. old and see her sleeping soundly for 10 hours, and I think one day! :)


MNMOM - October 12

many moms skip the rice and just use oatmeal. It is a healthier choice! Try that. Maybe the fruit is making him ga__sy?? Hang in there, you probably have a lot of factors going on right now - teething, growth spurt, etc


DB - October 12

Also at 4 months old SOOOO many babies change their sleep habits!!!! My dd slept thru the night at 6-16 weeks no problem and at 4 months old she was back to night wakings...anyways, just so you know at 4 month olds sooo many things are happening it seems hard to pinpoint what's going on!!! As for the oatmeal, my dd didn't care for rice cereal, but she loves oatmeal!!!



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