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Erin1979 - February 23

OK, try not to be too hard on me. My dd is 18 months (on Sunday) and I am still rocking her to sleep. It started out that I was feeling guilty about going back to work when she was 8 months, and I really enjoyed our snuggle time....but now she is getting SO heavy, and DH and I were discussing when we should put her into a "big girl" bed. How can I do that if I am still rocking her to sleep?!? How do I stop?! HELP!!!! I need some ideas please!! Thanks ladies.


krnj - February 23

I wish I could stop the rocking too. I'm pregnant & it's killing my back!! Hopefully someone will have an answer!


SonyaM - February 23

Oh I feel your pain. My oldest son "required" many things to get to sleep, rocking being one of them. The problem was when I stopped rocking and tried to put him down he woke right up. It was a nightmare. When he was about 2.5 years old we did the supernanny technique. He was already in a big boy bed so it worked well. If you're not familar with the technique I will explain it but it's long so I didn't want to type it out unless necessary. Good luck {{{{HUGS}}}}


Erin1979 - February 24

Sonya...please let me know!! Also, when did you switch him into a big bed?


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 24

Here is an idea that worked with my little one. when I my dd got to old to rock then I would lay in bed with her and rub her back and sing or play relaxing music. She is now 4 and sleeps in a big girl bed my son is 20 months also in a big boy bed. I dont know how to tell you when to put your dd in a big girl bed but when mine was 15 months is when we did her and my son was about 18 months. It depends on things like do they go right to bed or do they run. My dd was the type that went to bed. The First night I sat next to her bed and rubbed her back for about a week. That made her comfy in her bed then about a week later I sat next to the bed quietly then I moved to the middle of the room and by the end of the month I was outside of it. I think that is the supernanny thing sonya was talking about. It gives them security and allows them to be comfortable in the bed. The other thing is maybe since you have a DD the type of bed you want her to change to will help her get adjusted. If she likes princess or dora maybe that type of bed will make her feel special. i would let her pick it out. that is what I did with my son. he had a Volkswagon beetle car bed its very cute. And my DD has a bunk bed which is a great bed when they are about 2 cuz they are low to the ground and YIPPIE mommy fits too which is great for her when she has night terrors I can climb in and calm her. My son likes his toddler bed because he doesnt want anyone in there with him and that is all that fit.


melissa g. - February 24

oh HELLO! I am in the same boat. DD is 12 months and we're still rocking away, she used to be so great about it and went to sleep in 5 minutes, transferred to the crib great! No more. If she is not deeply asleep, she'll fuss when we put her in the crib. Sometimes we go back to the chair, and sometimes if she has already been rocked awhile, we have to let her fuss for a couple minutes and then she falls asleep. I knew when we started down this road that it might mean rocking until age 2 or so. I think when we make her crib into a toddler bed down the line, we'll transition out of rocking. Maybe we'll read her the bedtime story in her bed or something and sit with her for a few minutes etc. Let's hear the Supernanny technique!!! Or is it in her book? I am going to get that book at some point, in preparation for the toddler years!


Erin1979 - February 25

Thanks L&Smama (sorry didn't want to type it out!!..lazy). I was thinking the same thing. I saw a Dora toddler bed at walmart, and I was thinking of getting it and trying. I've tried to put her to bed awake, and it's very hit or miss. She either fusses for a few minutes and goes to sleep, or she gets up, turns the light on, and stands there and screams. That just breaks my heart. She's 18 months, so we were thinking by the time she is 20 months, we would try the big girl bed....maybe I'll try it sooner.


SonyaM - February 25

Erin1979, we moved Mitchell to a big bed really early because he HATED his crib. I can't remember the exact age but I know he was well under 18 months old. Okay so here's the supernanny technique. It works pretty much the same no matter what bed they sleep in. First establish bedtime routine and then put lo to bed. Sit on the floor near the bed but DO NOT MAKE eye contact. Just sit looking at the floor or wall. If they get up put them back simply saying, it's bedtime. Do this three times if they get up. After that no more talking, just putting them back in bed. As the days, weeks and yes even months go on you move further and further away as the lo gets more comfortable. We eventually ended up in his hallway where he couldn't see us but he could hear us. I think we started in March and by the summer he was going to sleep by himself. He was about 2.5 or so when we started this though. The episode I saw on the supernanny the lo was still young. He was in a crib and most likely about 18 months old. Good luck and if you have any questions let me know.


jwhite - February 27

What if my dd is 7 months old and I usually feed her while rocking but I don't necessarily rock her to sleep or is that the same thing?? She goes down really well and sleeps really well during the night and she knows I will only come in and comfort her at night I don't pick her up and rock her back to sleep, she will usually put herself back to sleep. But am I still doing a no-no by rocking her when I am feeding her the nighttime bottle??? She wakes up a little as I lay her in her crib and goes right back to sleep with n o fussing...


Erin1979 - February 28

Thanks Sonya. My MD suggested something similar today. I think we are going to start on Friday (I am hoping that by Monday we'll have the screaming down to a minimum before I have to go back to work!!) As for JWhite, I'd say that at 7 months, you're OK!! :-)



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