Rolling From Their Backs To Their Tummys

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ImpatientMommy - November 21

My daughter will be 5 months on the 26th and still hasn't rolled from her back to her belly. I know all babies are different but when should they be doing this by? Recently she has gotten "bad" at tummy time. She used to be able to go on her tummy, support herself by using her elbows but now she'll start off with her arms infront of her supporting herself up and then all of a sudden she'll throw her arms to the side so then all the pressure from her body will be on her tummy and she'll sort of lift up her legs and still be lifting up her neck and head so there is all the pressure on her little tummy and she'll start whining because I'm sure that hurts haha but she keeps doing that. She has rolled over plenty from her tummy to her back. I've been giving her lots and lots of back time on a comforter I lay down in our living room and she can get all the way to her side and stay there for awhile before rolling back onto her back. I feel like she should be rolling all over the place by now!


c_baer19 - November 21

My DD is almost 4 months and has been rolling since about 3 months or so, but I wouldn't really worry. Every baby is different, and it's supposed to be more difficult for them to roll from back to belly since their bellies are round, and their back isn't. I'm sure she'll start soon.. it seemed like it happened overnight!


ImpatientMommy - November 21

She's been rolling from her back to her belly since 3 months? I feel like I'm doing something wrong haha. At first I would have her doing her "back time" under her activity mat and my mother in law said she probably doesn't have much motivation to roll over since she's laying there with all these toys hanging above her, which I never even thought about, so I started putting her on a comforter on the living room floor. Like I said she'll pull her legs up and roll completely over on to her side, she just doesn't keep going haha


c_baer19 - November 21

I should mention that she has always slept on her tummy and doesn't like being on her back. The way she first rolled over was tummy to back, maybe twice, and since then it has mostly been back to tummy. She rarely will roll back over to her back! I bought this ball called the "Move 'N Crawl" that's actually for 6 months+, but she loves it and I'll put her face down on a blanket and she will actually try to get on her hands and knees to get to it! I bought it because it lights up and makes noise, and I seemed to be having a hard time finding light-up toys, which she loves.


c_baer19 - November 21

Correction, it's "Move and Crawl," by vtech. I think I got it at Wal-Mart or somewhere, but I know it was under $15. I'd really recommend it, it may get her to want to spend more time on her tummy! Looks like this:


DDT - November 22

It's very common these days for babies to dislike tummy time because of the strong recommendations that peds have to let them sleep on their backs. My ds started rolling from back to belly at 5 months and I had him sleeping on his back. He also hated tummy time and would do the "superman" move like you describe. Just keep making it as enticing as possible because tummy time is very important. I used mirrors, toys, and even myself to entertain him. I would do as many short periods of tummy time throughout the day as he could handle. But he never enjoyed tummy time, and that's probably why he started crawling at 8 months and not earlier like some babies. He did start sitting completely una__sisted for long periods by 6 months and this was because I let him "practice" a lot. I would use the boppy pillow and my legs for support since he was about 3 months old. Like c_baer19 has said the V-tech ball may entice you didn't for my ds. But regardless it was a good buy because now at 9 months he loves it and chases it around.


CWeber - November 22

My lo is almost 8 months and still hates tummy time. It did take him until about 5 1/2 months to roll from back to tummy and at 8 months he can sit but still "falls" occasionally. He is definately not quick in achieving any milestones either but that is fine, he will get there in his own time. My lo still lifts both legs and arms at the same time even gets "running" with them; needless to say, he isn't getting too close to crawling doing that. Don't worry about your girl, she will get there in due time.


mamagoose - November 22

My ds didn't roll in any direction at all until he was about 7 months. I was really worried, because all these books said he was "supposed" to be rolling by 6 months. He was completely uninterested though, and hated tummy time. Then one day, completely out of the blue, he just started rolling around like he'd been doing it for ages. Within a few weeks he was crawling, and now at 9 months he's started cruising furniture. But... what one baby does isn't necessarily what your baby will do. She'll do it on her own time, in her own way, when she feels like it, just when you least suspect it!


Tracy88 - November 23

My daughter has been rolling back to front (the hard way) for about a month and half, she is now 6 and half months old. She still does not roll front to back, but has done it on her own maybe three times in her short little life. We practice it together and I know one day she will do like another poster said, like she's been doing it forever. I practice things with her, but really just know that she will get there when she's ready. I keep an eye out on whether she is developing properly and reaching certain milestones, but that's just because it's good to make sure progress of some sort is being made. You hear of many stories about babies who never crawl, just go straight to walking, etc... so I take it all with a grain of salt and just make sure she is learning skills. And like another poster said, out of the blue, they just do things.


newbabyras - November 26

my ds was with mamagoose's...He's 8 months and JUST started rolling around. He rolled from tummy to back at 6 months and then quit all together. this weekend he's a rolling machine, back and forth, and all the sudden up on his knees. It's almost like he saved it all up to show off in one weekend. This is my first, so I fretted that he was way behind...but they can only work on one thing at a time, some develop their social skills well before their physical. I say, Toss the book - did me wonders LOL!


alida - November 26

I was getting a little concerned that at 7 months my dd wasn't rolling from her back to tummy but then one day she did it and has been doing it ever since and doesn't think a thing of it. She used to HATE it and roll on to her back immediately. Don't worry... :)


wailing - November 27

I don't think I would worry too much. I've pretty much thrown all that stuff out the window since my lo goes from 1 new thing wk to wk haha. He used to try rolling alot and rolls tummy-back. But now his big thing is sitting up. He doesn't want to do anything but sit up ORRR if he's on his tummy, he tries to crawl by sticking his b___t up in the air. As long as they are developing in some way I think that's all that matters:-)



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