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Shana B - May 4

My 6 week old rolled over yesterday for the first time, from stomach to back. I thought maybe it was just a one-time thing so I let him try again. And he did it with no problem. Is this normal? I thought they couldn't do that until 2 or 3 months. I have a daughter but it's been awhile so I don't really remember.


Ginny - May 4

Sounds early to me! You've got a real go-getter.


Emy - May 4

Oh yeah, realy early! That is great!


JAI - May 4

My son did the same thing that early, I would lay him on his tummy for tummy time, and boom he would turn over.


SonyaM - May 4

My first son rolled over that early but my second son waited forever. He was just over five months. My first son also sat up early at five months but my second son again is a little slower. He is just sitting up now and he is seven months today. They all do things at their own pace.


kimberley - May 5

Sometimes they do this, more from a reflex than anything else, also if they hate being on their tummies and cry, they can work themselves up enough and they get flipped over. At this age, I highly doubt it is voluntary. I dont mean this in a nasty way though :)


Shea - May 5

My ds used to roll over too, from back to stomach when he was 4-6 weeks, but then he started putting on weight and stopped rolling. Now he is 3.5 months and just this morning started rolling again.


meagan1227 - May 5

my son is 4 months and 2 weeks and still has not rolled over completely. he rolled to his side like 2 weeks ago. he doesnt even try to roll over. should i be worried?


AmandaManns - May 6

I would not be worried at all Meagan. All babies grow and do things at different rates. My son is 4 1/2 months as well and his a little chunky monkey and he can roll over from his belly to back but he hasn't mastered from his back to belly yet. He is getting very close, he will turn his whole body over but just can't get his arm out of the way. I am sure in the next couple weeks he will have it down as will your little guy. But my baby book said not to be worried about them rolling over until they are 6 months old and if they are not doing it by then it could indicate a learning problem. Just be lucky that he doesn't yet because here in the next couple of weeks you will have to be soooo careful of where you sit him and leave him.


Renea - May 15

Shana-my son will be 2 months on May 22 and this last weekend he too rolled from tummy to back. It is way early--my other 3 didn't do it until 3+ months. Kimberley--I have to disagree with you. The first time ds rolled, he was mad. However since then he has rolled over 8 more times and it wasn't in a fit of rage.



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