Rolling To Tummy In Crib Worried

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olivesmom - May 12

Hello! My dd is 4 1/2 months old and she recently started rolling from her back to her tummy. She does this immediately when we put her on her blanket. She now does this in her sleep as well. The problem is that she never rolls herself back. She learned that roll at 3 months and it seems as though she has forgotten it. I am concerned because I have gone in her room and she will be sleeping on her tummy with her face down in the sheets. Should I be worried about this? My ped. said that once she knows how to roll herself she will pick how she wants to sleep. I have tried puttin her in her sleep positioner, but I will findher on her tummy in that also--face down. Any suggestions from anyone who has been there/done that??


JAI - May 12

My son is 6 months old, and I still run in his room and keep on turning him back over, and then he does it again. I am a nervous wreck and hate leaving him in there on his tummy, so what do I do that I should not be doing....I end up bringing him into my bed, biggest mistake, now he hates his crib even more.


Marlene - May 12

My ped said once they start rolling over that sleeping on thier tummy will be fine. The best advice I have is if you see her on her tummy just turn her head to either side so she won't be face down.


YC - May 12

olivesmom my ped said the same thing...once they are turning it is fine because they are obviously strong enough at this point. He said that babies perfer their is a more natural sleeping position for them. Of course we put them on their backs when they are little to help prevent SIDS. I would be a little concerened about the face down thing. Ny dd is 20 weeks and turns over but lays on her right cheek. Maybe you can get a wedge that would prevent her from turning though she might be to big now.


HannahBaby - May 12

My daughter started doing that at 5 months and my doctor told me that as long as she it flipping herself on her tummy, then she will be fine. If the babys that are put on their bellys when they dont have the ability to get away from anything that could obstruct their airway. My daughter was a wedge baby and still slept in it until about 9 months. However at 5 months it didnt stop her from getting on her belly. good luck


EM - May 12

I just think its a shame that the media is causing us all to worry more than we already naturally do! I know its important to educate the public about sids and how to prevent it but they need to also say that when babies roll over on their own we don't need to duct tape them to their mattresses on their backs! Olivesmom, the best thing you can do is make sure you have a tight sheet on the mattress so she doesn't suffocate in the sheet. My son did the same thing, and like someone else on here said, just turn their head for them onto their cheeks. It will be fine.


olivesmom - May 12

Thanks for all your responses. I am not at all worried that she sleeps on her tummy, what concerns me is that she sleeps with her face down into the sheet. Even if I tutn her head, she turns it right back to face down.


sara b - May 12

My 13 month old has done this all her life. She could hold herself up on elbows at 4 weeks so there never was a time she didn't roll. She sleeps with her b___t in the air on her knees with her face down. I've learned to just put the monitor really close and turn the receiver all the way up so I can hear her breath. Just know that your baby's strong enough to react if they aren't getting oxygen and will turn or move. Best wishes.


Jodi - May 13

OH My....I'm so glad to see that I'm not a freak! My mother in law thinks my baby has to sleep on his belly all the time and it makes me so angry b/c I don't want him on his belly. He is only 6 weeks old and does not know how to roll over on his own yet and everytime she lays him down she puts him on his belly, knowing I don't like it!! It worries me b/c I know that there is a chance he could suffocate and she just ignores my request and concerns as a parent...ooooooohhhhhh, arg...


Rabbits07 - May 14

It's hard once they start rolling on their own. If you put things in there to try to keep them from rolling, you run the risk of them ending up with their face in whatever you put in there and suffocating. If it really concerns you...have you ever used a ba__sinet with her? I don't know that there would be room for her to actually rollover in a ba__sinet. But if she's never slept in one she may not take to well to it at this age. Other than that I guess all you can really do to keep your mind at ease is keep a constant eye on her. I remember reading on another post about the monitoring system that monitors movment. If there is absence of movement for a certain period (I think like 15-20 seconds) an alarm sounds. It is so sensitive it even detects breathing movements. I'm not sure how much they cost..I've seen them in magazine ads, but never in a store. Just a matter of what you are willing to pay for peace of mind, I guess.


hrsmith - May 14

I freak out too. My son hates tummy time during the day, so it amazes me that he now turns over on his stomache to sleep. He used to just turn to the side but now he flips over. I still go into his room and turn him every once in a while too.


CarolA - May 14

maybe im a bad mother, i dont know, but heres how i feel about it....its ok!! I've been putting my son down to sleep on his stomach since about 3 weeks. Its the only way he'll stay asleep. I keep in on a firm mattress, with no extra things around (the sheet of course) but no squishy blanket, babies WANT to breath, as long as they can lift their heads, they will move if they cant breath. just like when b___stfeeding, if they get to close and cant breath, they push their heads back. Its instincts, I wouldn't put a baby that isn't strong enough to hold their own heads up on their stomach, but once they are past that, i dont really think its a big deal. New moms have enough to worry about, i dont fret the small stuff, and i know sids is a big deal, but common is it? just because we are reading more about it, doesn't mean its happening more often, the media is just choosing to inform us on it, so we are starting to freak out about it. In a few years it'll be something else, and we'll all be rushing to the store to buy yet another safety device....women have been having babies for .. well as long as we've been around, and they didn't sell "sleep wedges" trust your baby, and yourself..and geesh, get some sleep! Its no fun running back and forth all night long.



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