ROTFL Gross But Really Really Funny

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aggie03 - February 21

So I had professional pics taken of dd, and wanted to take some naked angel ones to match my maternity photos...Well dd decide that was the best time to unleash h__l all over me!! The photographer caught an action! check it I cant stop thinking of catchy phrases for it like...."gotta let the evil out" (WARNING: If you dont like gross dont look)


Smilefull - February 21

that's fricken adorable!!! you'll treasure that forever--


Rabbits07 - February 21

I do believe that is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! That truly is priceless...LOL!


srigles - February 21

ROFLMAO, too funny! I love it!


aggie03 - February 21

I know!! I almost FEEL out of my chair! I think only mothers will appreciate the humor!


CyndiG - February 21

How funny is that! That is the cutest thing I've seen since Carlie went to bed! :O}


aurorabunny - February 21

Oh my god, that is a stream of poo....ROFLMAO!!!! Adorable at the same time. =)


Lisastar9 - February 21

Do they match. ...ROFL


Topaz - February 22

Oh my gosh, that is the most I've laughed all day. Seriously, that is so priceless!!!


SuzieQ - February 22

awesome picture - thanks for the laugh!!!


shelly - February 22

lol bless. one for the album hehe.


Emily - February 22

that is too cute.....!!!!! oh my gosh, what a picture. That would be one to save for the future boy friends......


Momof5 - February 22

That is so funny.. lol I also wanted to tell you that you look great!! How did you get so back into shape so quickly?? Your baby is so cute!


aggie03 - February 22

thanks Mom0f5! I really just tried to stay in shape while pg. I was running like 12 miles a week before I foud out I was pg and the doc said it was ok to continue as long as I was able. PLUS im bf...i think that helped a lot. I really like that postpardum belley band too. it turned my outtie back into an innie


Momof5 - February 22

What is a postpardum belley band ? Wow you could run 12 miles during your pregnancy?? That's great!! I was pretty much stuck to my sofa.. I had terrible HG..


aggie03 - February 22

if it wasnt for all the extra tummy skin.......yuck! I call it my Mommy curtains....oh well...the price of true love!


aggie03 - February 22

I dont remember exactly what its called but its that elastic band that holds in your tummy while your abs are getting back in shape...I got mine at babies r us...i think they have it at Motherhood too.



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