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HH - January 12

Hi ladies, my ds is 7 months and 16 days old! I was wondering about your little ones who are around his age. Can you please tell me their daily routine (what time they wake-up, how many naps a day and how long, what time they sleep..etc.) and their food menu (what do you feed throughout the day from snacks to milk to meals)? I'm just trying to get ideas from other mommies. Thanks alot.


ssmith - January 12

My dd is 8 months old. here's what her day looks like ~~ wake up 8am, b___stfeed, oatmeal cereal & fruit. Nap at 11am for 1 hour or so. Wake up, b___stfeed. Lunch is usually around 1ish, pureed orange & green veggies, yogurt & fruit. Breastfeed again usually before nap #2 around 3:30. Nap for another hour or so 3:45-4:45pm. Breastfeed. Dinner at 7pm, cereal, chicken & sweet potato, prunes. Bath at 7:30pm., b___stfeed again at 8pm., in bed asleep by 8:15pm. I have started to introduce cooked egg yolk into her a.m cereal recently, and am also introducing Cheerios and Arrowroot cookies as little snacks thoughout the day. She also drinks water throughout the day from a sippy cup. Hope this helps.


Emmie - January 12

my son is 8.5 months old and I will tell you about how our day goes. He goes to bed around 9-10pm and sleeps until 11-12 the next morning. He gets up and he nurses first thing in the morning. He usually stays up until 1pm; nurses and then sleeps until about 3pm. He will eat 2 jars of stage 2 baby food-usually a dinner and a veggie. He usually takes a half hour to an hour nap around 5pm. He usually nurses when he gets up from his nap. At about 8pm he eats a bowl of cereal(about half of an adult bowl full). He plays for a little while and then he nurses again and goes to bed for the night. Through out the day he has little snacks(usually while we are eating he will eat small puffs, crackers, or cheese). Hope this helps some.


shannan - January 12

My ds is 7.5 months and i work outside the home. So during the week here is his schedule: Breastfed anywhere around 5-630am (he wakes up then and I put him back to sleep). Awake around 700-730am. To daycare, where he has a bottle around 9. He usually takes a half hour to hour nap in the morning. Cereal and a fruit/veggie (stage 2) when he wakes. Another bottle around 2, followed by another longer nap. Picked up from daycare, and b___stfed around 4pm ( I think mainly for comfort, not really b/c he is hungry). At 5-6 he gets another stage 2 food--a dinner or a veggie and some prune juice or water in a sippy. He is b___stfed again at some point that evening. Bath around 7:45pm, b___stfed to sleep and usually asleep around 8pm. He has never been a good sleeper. He was only getting up 1-2x per night. Now its more like 3-4x because a tooth is poking through. When he is up at night, he gets pacifer and sometimes rocked then falls back asleep. I am somewhat introducing solids slowly. He is a big boy though, 20 lbs! Hope the info is helpful.



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