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Hoping - October 18

My DD is going to be 7 weeks tomorrow...when do they fall into some kind of routine? Every night seems to be different she will sleep good one night and not at all the next. Her feeding times throughout the day depend on how she slept that night. Is it just to early for a routine or a set schedule?


JessC531 - October 18

It's probably just too early. My dd is 10 weeks, and things still vary day to day. She almost always eats 7 times a day, but it's never the same time. Nights vary a lot too... She was doing 8-9 hour stretches, then went back to 3-5, then back to 6 or 7, and then the other night she woke up every 2 hours!!! (I think that was a growth spurt though - She ate every 2 hours all day!!!) So, I think they're just too young to really have a strict schedule yet. I'm sure others will tell you different, but that's what I found with my LO.


DDT - October 18

I disagree....its not too early. I started my ds on a routine at 5-6 wks old. As a newborn he just wouldn't sleep, so in essence I had to "teach" him how to sleep. Babies appreciate routine. It helps them feel more secure in their enviroment if they know/sense what is coming next. Just like a night-time helps them understand that its time for bed. Of course everyone's views on this are different so you're going to get lots of different opinions. Essentially its up to you, your lifestyle and your baby. I used the book: "The Baby Whisperer" as a basis in the beginning and then as he got older I tweaked the routine to suit him and myself. I do believe that his routine helped make him a "better" baby because before that he was functioning on a huge lack of sleep. He was a grouchy baby. Once he was sleeping 4-5 naps a day every day he was more alert and less fussy. GL!!


DDT - October 18

I also want to point out that a routine is not the same as a schedule. You are not bound to it and it can be flexible. Not every day goes the same especially with a baby, but you can try to follow the same pattern every day. It doesn't have to be a "strict schedule"


alida - October 18

I agree with DDT 100%. My dd was on a loose schedule from day 1. I fed her every 3 hours at about the same time. She was a great sleeper and slept through the night at 8 weeks (10pm-6am). My dd seemed to love having a schedule and it worked very well for my dh and I. We usually always knew why she was fussy based on the time. GL


slackette - October 18

I also agree with DDT....I have a routine with my LO to help him sleep through the night. I read and watched "the happiest baby on the block" and my Pediatrician recommended it as he used it with his daughter. Either way, I couldn't stick to the schedule without swaddling! Puts him right out and he can sleep for 9+ hours sometimes (he's almost 10 weeks, I started a routine at 6 weeks). Our routine starts every night b/w 7-7:30 with a bath. Then lotion/ma__sage, swaddling, lights go to dim, b___stfeed one side, 4oz of bottled b___stmilk with calming music, if he is still awake, the other b___st. I have been able to get him down with this routine by 8pm or so, and he will wake again to feed by 4am or so....During the day its not as "rigid" a routine. I make sure he gets a couple of naps in his swing and he feeds when he is hungry....I am trying now to figure out more of a routine for daytime, but I find it more challenging since I sometimes go out with him during the day and that screw everything up!


JessC531 - October 18

Ok... maybe I read the post wrong. I was thinking schedule... as in by the clock. We have somewhat of a routine. Before bed we have a bath, then a story (if she's not too fussy), then I nurse her and she goes to bed. It's just not always at the same time... It's when she starts to seem tired. During the day, she's always up for about an hour and a half and then takes another nap. She eats roughly every 3 hours during the day - give or take a half hour or so. She's had a few growth spurts that have thrown things off though. We haven't got the night time down yet... How do you ladies get them to sleep through the night like that? I mean, my dd did it for about 2 weeks straight, and then started getting up in the night again. The only thing I can do to get her back to sleep is to feed her.


aliciavr6 - October 18

My dd is 4 months, seems she for hte most part follows a routine as far as sleeping/ waking up goes. She's been going to sleep around 7:30 - 8 since she came home from the hospital. She's been waking up once at night (from 4am - 6am) for a month or two now, and always wakes up around 7:30am. She does not have a feeding routine, at least with me. I do however always feed her before bed in her room with the lights out so she falls asleep.



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