RSV Misdiagnosed As Bronchitis At First

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Dawn C - January 12

Hey yall! I have my lil one in one arm so its hard to type. I guess you see I have been MIA for a few days. Well we have been in hosp. I went to dr last Fri. My lil guy was coughing and just not feeling good. He was diagnosed with bronchitis and a lil sinus. We came home with home breathing treatment and antibiotic. We were to go back this fri for follow up. Tues he was having trouble breathing. I took him back to dr and we went straight to hosp. They drew blood and he came back with the respitory virus. I felt like such a horrible mom since home treatment didnt help. he was in croup tent and still gettn treatments. he ran a lil fever. we came home late last night. we still have to do treatments at home and take a steroid.. Just thought I would let you know in case your lil ones has the same symptoms. Apparently this is mis diagnosed all the time. They have to swab the nose for the rsv virus. He is 3 mths old. He was runnign a 99-100 temp. Bad congestion. Coughing until almost choking because he coulnt get it up. very thick mucus and sleeping all the time. I will be trying to catch up on the post but I may not be able to respond to many other post under infant care until lil one is ok. We do run a humidifier also for him. they say to keep house very cool. take care of your lilones this winter.


Jadyns Mommy - January 12

Awww Dawn. I hope you little guy is feeling better real soon. Dont you for one second feel like a horrible mom! You are doing everything you can to help him feel better and it was the Dr that misdiagnosed him the first time, not you. Keep doing the wonderful job that you are and he will be feeling better in no time. Thanks for describing the symptoms too. Jadyn has a cough and now I will know what to keep an eye out for. :-)


Shelly - January 12

Good luck,hope he gets to feeling better real soon!!!


Dawn C - January 12

He seems a little better. I have gotten lots of thick thick yellow stuff out of his nose. He has not had a fever yet today. I hope we are over the hump now


desiree - January 12

That is awful to hear...I hope he feels better soon..and you too. Does rsv go away on it's own?


Dawn C - January 12

Supposidly RSV stays with the baby. THey can have recurrence but it will not be as bad the second time around. Also they say lots of adults have it but onl;y have cold like symptoms that last a few days. THATS SCARY


Christy - January 13

Wow. Sorry to hear that your little guy is sick, Good thing you went back to the doctor. So he was in the hospital for 2 days then? Well, i sounds like he is on the road to recovery. Hope he's all better really soon!


Barb - January 13 are NOT a bad mother. You did everything right and he will be ok son is 10yrs. old and he had the RSV virus when he was a baby too, I know it can be scary bc it's just like a cold,but it sounds like you're taking very good care of him so please don't wory (too much) ...he is lucky to have you for a mother =)


Dawn C - January 13

Thanks for your concerns. He had alot better night. I gave him his 2nd dose of the steroid last night, and he was wired. He played and cood and he had not done that since last Fri. I still give him his breathn treatments every 4-5hrs. I think we are out of the woods now. He still has a horrible cough but it is much better than it was.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 13

I'm so glad he is better, or getting better. How scary!


kristy - January 13

Hi Dawn, Oh i know what ur going threw but my daughter was only 5 weeks old when she got it it was the week before christmas and both her brothers had bronchitis and earr infections doctor checked my daughter and lungs were clear this was friday she just has sinus and a cough she was alost coughing so hard she puked well by sunday night she started breathing really hard and took her to the er and they did blood work and she did have rsv didnt have a fever or really didnt seem that bad but they kept her 3 days and sent her home with breathing treat ment every 3 hrs and she got better by the end of the week she was clear oh its the scariest thing in the world and i think more moms need to know about it, my daughter was full term shes b___stfeed so theres wasnt no signs of it. oh god bless u and your baby your doing the best u can and good job its hard, he will be better very soon....


Dawn C - January 13

Thanks. I know what you mean. I think this is overlooked alot!!!!!!!!!! Was she still wheezing when you came home from hosp? My lil man is but it gets better then sounds bad again. I guess it takes time


newmom - January 13

Dawn C...I'm so sorry for responding late, glade he is doing better..It's so sad when these angels become sick, feels like the whole world had turned upside down..I'm sure he is gonna be pampered tooo much..Pls don't feel bad about urself i know i felt the same when Dean was sick..


Kristy - January 13

Hey dawn yeah she was still wheezing when we came home i was scared her being home but they told me to give her breathing treatments all threw the nite i would set the alram and give her one. they talked about the hump alot at the hosp, they get worse before they get better.. my daughter also had pneumoina i forgot to say that the first post so that really freaked me out at the hosp. I was there with her myself my husband had to stay with my sons.. Oh i was ill so scared but we got threw and u will too, i was also told by the ped that she may start to wheeze whenever she gets a cold and just to use the breathing treatments. We live in TN and there has been alot of cases seen the most in a long time.. all the way to age 2.. Oh im sorry i keep going on and on but i was just there and it was a ruff time and i know what ur going threw... Your doing all u can, oh yeah 1 more thing i have come obssessed with hand sanitizers because my son is in kindergarden i believe thats how she got it in the first place. and using wipes at the grocery stores on the carts, lol.


Dawn C - January 14

Yeah it seems to be alot of it here in Ga to!!!!!!! LIke I said its funny because I stay home with him and if I get aout to run errands I drop him off at my parents. But I guess it just happens. I always wash my hands when I go back to their house. You cant live in a bubble I just wish it would hurry up and be spring time.


BBK - January 14

Hang in there Dawn. It is a common mis-diagnosis, though once it's diagnosed the treatments are effective. this must be hard on you, but your baby boy will be fine!


Dawn C - January 15

We are better now. Have to go tues for appt. He still is wheezing but his cough is not as thick and productive. Its more like a dry naggy cough. BUT we are teething I think so hes is really fussy.



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